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3 tech tricks to make life simpler

There’s always some handy tricks to improve your use of tech in the modern world, and we’ve got three new ones to give you that extra edge in the gadget department: No more ads – smartphone and mobile games are usually littered with ads (well, the free games at least), but if you want to enjoy your gaming without any interruptions, simply switch your phone to airplane mode before playing. International power – why do foreign countries insist on using oddly shaped plugs and sockets? Well, here’s a hack to help gadget-loving holiday goers. If you’re abroad and have forgotten the plug adapters, it’s handy to know that most TVs nowadays have a USB port in the back, which you can use to charge your electrical devices. Let there be light – whether load-shedding strikes or you just want to impress your fellow night owls, try puttting a water bottle on top of your phone to create a makeshift lantern. The light from the screen or torch function (if your phone has it) will turn the water bottle into a light. Remember to turn off the lock on your phone to keep the light continuous and make sure that the bottle has water in it for optimum refraction.