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3 October is World Techies Day

When you walk into a weFix store, you put your trust in our experience, knowledge and expertise. We've been around for 10 years because we know and understand tech. Tuesday 3 October is Techies Day, a celebration of those guys and girls in the IT departments, service desks and - of course - the weFix workshops of the world. Techies Day was first developed in the US in 1998 by and CNET in honour of the wonderful people who spend countless hours, days and months building a knowledge of various types of technology, not just because they're passionate about it, but also so that when the technologically-challenged have an issue, they can jump right in and get our day back on track.

Techies work incredibly hard to keep up with a fast-evolving world, and weFix technicians are no different with a new smartphone or smart device launching every few months. It's this drive to be the best at their field and the ability to keep up with thousands of pieces of information that make techies incredible crucial to our daily lives, to keep us moving forward. Techies are the unsung heroes in any environment. In an office, they're the ones who make sure your internet is always up and running, or checking that your printer isn't on the fritz. Behind the scenes at a concert, they know the ins and outs and the dos and don'ts. Or at weFix, your techie understands the difference between a digitizer and an LCD, and whether you need one, the other or both to be replaced.

Basically, they're there to answer the questions we otherwise wouldn't have the answer to, or would struggle to find. They're theoretical and practical marvels, capable of understanding even the most complex issues, the kind that makes you go "can you explain that in English" or "I think I get you" or even "now you've completely lost me" - at any point, you're going to thank them. So on this day, when you need your browser cache cleared, or pick up your phone after weFix has had it repaired, hug your technician, for the world would be a much grimmer, more challenging place if not for these incredible people.