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5 biggest tech trends of 2015-2016

3D printing is obviously a massive (and expensive) trend at the moment, but that said, the revolutionary process is going to get a big surge within then next year, with affordable 3D printing tech hitting the market very soon. This will allow the average user to select, download and print just about anything they desire.

Wearable tech 2.0​

​In 2015, expect wearables to stop being just glorified pedometers and become more useful devices. Wearables like Sensoria (smart running socks), Moov (a wearable A.I. coach), and Leo (a smart cuff that can measure muscle intensity, fatigue, and balance) will all push the needle forward.

The return of VR

Virtual Reality had its (attempted) moment back in the late 80s and early 90s, however, it never really caught on as the technology at the time was rather underwhelming. But with the invention of the Oculus Rift and other VR headgear from the likes of Sony and Samsung, things are about to take off in the virtual world.

Mobile payment boom

Mobile payments are already becoming an aspect of technology we all embrace, making our lives easier. But we haven’t seen anything yet, as NFC (near-field communication) terminals are soon to be installed in retail outlets, allowing us to swipe or tap our phones to make quick and convenient purchases.

Drone logistics

Drones are still considered largely recreational toys, but the quadcopters have far more use than we expected. Amazon has already trialled using drones to make deliveries, and its only a matter of time before every online retailer takes hold of the idea to use RC drones to bring packages directly to your door.