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5 handy apps to boost your Android

​Getting the most out of your smartphone is important – and you don’t have to sit in the confined settings of the respective manufacturer to get what you need. The following Android apps are highlighted as good picks when it comes to boosting the performance of your device:

Android Booster

Android Booster is an app that comes recommended from millions of dedicated Android users. This app helps to save your phone memory and battery and also helps to uninstall unwanted applications affecting device. It also features four battery saving modes and keep you updated regarding app using more battery, along with an app manager, network manager, phone optimisation task manager, and virus scanner. This app makes it all in one application and can be downloaded for free from play store. Download Android Booster

Android Assistant

Android Assistant helps keep an eye on what’s going on inside your device and adjusts your setting accordingly. This app monitors RAM, ROM, SD card and battery life. The Cache cleaner assist and system cleaner help you to uninstall unwanted files and empty folders. It helps to make more storage with app 2 SD card and backup option. Android assistant also has built in power saver and all the features work accurately. This application is available on play store and can be downloaded for free. Grab it now to boost the performance of android phone. Download Android Assistant


Juicedefender is a useful and customisable battery-saving app. It works under the hood and consumes your battery less. It also helps you to manage CPU, WiFi, mobile data so that you may keep a check on battery usage. With these and many other features, Juicedefender is one of the best app to boost your android phone. Download JuiceDefender.

Volume Boost

This App is used to boost up the volume of your phone up to 30-40 percent. This app helps you to control sound for music player, multimedia and apps to improve the overall quality of sound. This app enables you to adjust call in volume, notification and alarm volume and ring tone volume. It also creates a short cut on home screen so that it may be managed more easily and accurately. Download Volume Boost

Launcher Pro

Launcher Pro allows you to add extra functionality to your device. It enables you to increase your home screen usage by adding up to 7 home screens. You can have a pinch zoom to preview your home screen, for example, and a lot of other great elements in its Android boosting arsenal. Download Launcher Pro