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5 most expensive smartphones in the world

These days, normal smartphones already taunt our wallets and bank accounts, but buying the latest high-end consumer device doesn’t even compare with these opulent gadgets: The Stuart Hughes iPhone 5 Black Diamond is anything but subtle. Featuring countless diamonds and priced at £10,000,000 (R187.4 million), no one in the world would probably buy it, but we’ve got to admire the ambitious effort.

The Diamond Crypto Smartphone was developed by Russian firm JSC Ancort in 2006 to “provide secure protection of information against kidnapping, technological blackmail, financial racketeers and corrupted state officials” thanks to its powerful encryption technology. It costs $1.3 million (R15.5 million), and as a bonus, the phone includes 50 diamonds around its edges.

Phones are extended fashion accessories, but Vertu just took it to a whole new level. At more than $310,000 (R3.7 million) a unit, the most expensive of the luxury phone maker’s range is the Signature Cobra; a bejewelled handset boasting more than 439 rubies, designed in collaboration with French jeweller, Boucheron.Price: US $300,000

Decorated with two diamonds, one in the navigation button and one on the back of the handset, Sony Ericsson’s Black Diamond edition smartphone boasted cutting-edge technology to match its stylish appearance back in 2007. Designed by Singapore-based engineer Jaren Goh, only five were ever been made – it was $300,000 (R3.6 million), after all.

Unveiled in back in 2005, the $1 million (R12 million) Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot smartphone was designed by Gresso, the long-standing luxury handset maker. Weighing some 180 grams, the phone is made of solid gold with a back plate constructed of 200-year-old African hardwood, while its keys are sculpted from sapphire crystal.