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5 Useful Apps to Save You Time & Money

App Stores are full of Apps that can do any number of amazing things, some trivial-time wasters good for a few hours fun, but others contain some genuinely useful functionality that can help make life a little easier. We’re going to take a look at a few that do the latter and end up saving you some time and money.

1. Coach.Me

Got a specific goal you want to achieve or change you want to make? Coach.Me is an App that that not only helps you identify and track the habit that you’d like to change/start, but it also links you to a network of coaches that can help you go about it in the most effective way. Whether it’s about kicking a smoking habit you’ve been promising to get rid of for a while or trying to become more productive in your day, Coach.Me can assist in whatever objective it is you’re aiming for.

Download: iOS | Android

Coach Me app

2. Spot

Spotting someone a few bucks to cover a drink or a movie ticket is a pretty easy and common thing to do. Remembering to stop at the ATM on the way after that new flick? Not so much. Having an easy way to transfer money between a network of friends, acquaintances and family members is convenient and takes the hassle out of repaying someone or offering to pay for someone’s bill, and Spot provides just that service. Covering the bill after a night out doesn’t have to be a pain anymore if everyone can just refund whoever is swiping their card with a couple of button presses. Simply download the app; link up with the people in your network and payment is a breeze from there.

Download: iOS | Android

Spot app

3. Joox

Joox is another local offering that’s bringing convenient music streaming to its users. Music streaming services are likely going to slowly replace not only physical music media, but also encroach on popular conventional radio, so the number of players in the streaming market is only going to go up. Joox offers all the usual functionality associated with a streaming service, but also let’s you listen to your music free of ads, allows you to download an offline playlist, as well as giving you the ability to skip an unlimited number of times. The app also features a paid VIP experience (R59.99 monthly) providing offline music listening to save on mobile data. There's also a decent library of local music available, so you can listen to some of your favourite SA artists.

Download: iOS | Android

Joox app

4. FeastFox

We’ve got quite a vibrant restaurant and bar scene in South Africa, particularly in Cape Town. FeastFox helps keep you up to date with all the latest spots that have opened with an easy map. The most convenient aspect of the app is that it informs users of offers being promoted by different vendors and also allows you to book your place all from the slick interface. Deciding which new boutique restaurant or craft beer bar to try out becomes a simple and quick task. Find, save, and book – simple as that.

Download: iOS | Android


5. CamScanner

It's true - scanners and printers can smell fear. Your usually-reliable home and work equipment always seems to fail in times of need, or often you're stuck somewhere and urgently desperate for a scanner, and of course, there never is one nearby. CamScanner is a life-saver in these situations. Utilising your smartphone's camera, you can take a clear photo of the document you need scanned, and CamScanner will highlight the darks, illuminate the whites, and deliver a clear and perfectly-scanned PDF version on your smartphone; which you can then email off to whoever is anxiously waiting.

Download: iOS | Android