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A Brief iOS Survival Guide

Bear Grylls knows all about surviving in the remote wilderness, but can you truly survive in your own habitat, the concrete jungle? Crucial skills include dodging aggressive traffic stampedes, locating a 24-hour store like an oasis in a desert, finding shelter in a skyrocketing property market, sacrificing your hard-earned cash to ferocious monthly debit orders and saving what little is left for the long winter that is your lifetime.

Fortunately, your iPhone or iPad can give you better odds of making it in the big city. iOS turns these little gadgets into your very own metropolitan Swiss Army knives. Make sure you know your way around these useful little guys by checking out some features you may have missed below.

1. Send a custom message when you can’t afford to answer a call

Why? Meetings, dinner with the family, a first date going well or any other reason you may be too busy to answer a phone call, but want to give your caller a head’s up
How? Settings > Phone > Respond with Text

2. Long press keyboard characters to reveal hidden alternatives

Why? It may just be the difference between $8 and ¥8 and impress your foreign friends by using the appropriate diacritics
How? On the keyboard, hold any letter for its respective diacritic, hold in the currency symbol for more international options or even the zero button for a very handy degree symbol

3. Shift the keyboard left or right to type better with one hand

Why? In order to up your multitasking game
How? On the keyboard, hold in the Emoji/alternative keyboards button to reveal a pop-up which gives you the option to view the keyboard centralised or shifted to either the left or right side

4. Use your device as a level to measure how horizontal a surface is

Why? Levels can be expensive
How? Head to the Compass app and swipe left

5. Take a photo without touching the screen

Why? The composition is perfect, but if only you had another arm to reach the Snapshot button
How? In the Camera app, instead of clicking the circular Snapshot button, press either of the volume buttons to avoid manoeuvring your hand blindly across the screen

From your wise guardian angel, Siri, to your cover under darkness, Night Shift, to your trusted inventory of additional aids, the App Store, and grasping the Uber app, iOS has more than enough tricks up its sleeve to help you master your terrain and turn the urban bundu into a hassle-free paradise.