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Bland accessories are so last millennium.

We live in a world and time where not everything is as it seems, and this is completely true for some of the accessories we’ve seen launched recently. No longer does a USB drive look like a USB drive and even previously-only-ever-boring black-coloured cables now pop with colour and design. While these boring normaler-than-life accessories still do exist out there, weFix has scoured the globe for accessories that are a little more fun, without sacrificing quality and technical prowess.

Qushini Bluetooth Speakers

We can’t even with these Qushini Bluetooth Speakers! No offense to some of the more well-known audio brands who do their best when it comes to designing run-of-the-mill devices, but Qushini has truly found the balance in creating quirky devices while still producing some impressive stereo quality. Available in Piggie, Rabbit, Dino and Robot, Qushini speakers fit snug into the palm of your hands and provides a surprisingly bold, clear sound for such a teeny tiny little speaker. We’re going to highly recommend this one – and not just because they’re too damn cute.
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Mojipower USB Flash Drives

Flash drives. The last thing we expect to have any sort of fun design. Enter Mojipower, who looks into the face of boring removable storage and tells them “it’s okay to be boring” and then BAM launches a flash drive in the shape of an adorable sleeping sloth? Now you can carry your most essential files and be ridiculously cute about it at the same time. Mojipower USB Flash Drives are available from weFix in Sleepy Sloth, Rocket and lollipop-shaped Lecca Lecca. Lekker lekker.
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Philo Cables

Italian design isn’t just limited to fancy suits and automobiles, no, we can also have the luxury, the class and the grandeur of… USB cables. Nay, hear us out. weFix has traveled to Italy (via email with some distributors, if we’re being honest) to source some of the most sophisticated MFI cables for your iPhone, the first of which – our personal favourite – the Keychain. It is a soft 20cm nylon braided MFI-certified lightning cable that can be interlocked to be attached to your bag or backpack. Nifty. Or as they say in Italy elegante. Second, but also just as bellissima are the Spool cables, thin and wrapped in knitted fabric for the best combination of looks, feel and durability.
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And there you have it – accessories don’t have to be boring. Yes, a rocket-shaped USB flash drive isn’t going to change your life, but it’s certainly going to make it at least a little more fun. weFix is constantly updating its range of accessories and we promise to keep them as interesting as the ones we’ve mentioned here. Stick to our social accounts for new product announcements as well!