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Boost Your Battery Life

The technology in batteries has not changed much in the past 100 years. The way batteries work and how they are structured is pretty much the same now. With this, we are still left with the same problems in any battery-operated device today and your smartphone is no different.

There are a few things that you can do to boost your battery performance and get your battery to a full day of usage.

Be aware of battery discharge

People used to think they had to “train” batteries to make sure they would take the most charge. That’s a myth – batteries do not have ‘memory’. Modern devices have battery-management systems to reduce damage from overcharging that shut down automatically if the battery gets too low.

Still, to maximize future battery capacity, it’s best to avoid that 0% battery mark altogether.

It’s also a good idea to keep batteries at least partially charged if storing them for a prolonged period – when going on holiday to a remote area without reception for example – to avoid deep discharge.

Monitor your smartphone screen

Your phone screen is a major battery drainer, so it’s a good idea to monitor this and not keep your screen on 100% brightness all the time.

Smartphones have a feature called ‘auto-brightness’ that will dim and brighten your screen based on the light received by a sensor on the front of your device.

So, it’s best to monitor your screen brightness to maximise your battery life.

Stay unlocated

Apps using GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile data to monitor your location are also big drains on battery life.

Be smart about what you allow your apps to access – granting apps permission to integrate with your location, camera, or SD card can be convenient but it’s often not necessary for optimal functioning, and it drains your battery for little benefit.

Notifications are non-essential

Well, some of them are, and they drain your battery. Any app that chimes, lights up your screen, displays a message, makes your LED blink, or all of the above consumes energy.

You might not wish to turn off notifications about new text messages or missed calls but turning off non-essential notifications will help your battery last a little longer. Added bonus – fewer distractions throughout the day.

Replace that old battery

If your battery doesn’t want to hold a charge for long or just shuts off at a random power level, then it might be time to replace your battery.

This has many benefits like breathing new life into your devices processing power which will in turn allow for better optimizations and an overall better user experience.

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