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Fly Now, Pay Later

weFix is now registered with Mobicred!

Pick up that drone you’ve always wanted. Fly now and pay later. Or choose from a wide selection of must-have accessories and let payment be a story for another day.

What is Mobicred?

It’s a safe, convenient credit facility that allows you to pay for products at any participating online retailer, like weFix, using your Mobicred account as a payment option.

Apply for an account via the Mobicred website and, if it’s approved, begin shopping immediately.

How would you qualify?

You would need a valid South African ID number, be at least 18 years of age, earn a minimum monthly salary of R5,500, have an existing, valid bank account, a valid email address and a RICA’d mobile number.

Mobicred. One account, one application. One world of online shopping.

Terms and Conditions apply. Find them here.