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Give New Life to Your Mac

Apple has been manufacturing laptops for over 25 years, from the early days of the PowerBook to the MacBook we know today, and it has been the loyal workstation of choice for many people from industry-leading designers to accountants and everyone in between.

Largely desired for its sleek build, top-notch quality, and high level of security; the yearly MacBook models have each improved on one another with each new release.

Over time and with repeated use any piece of technology will start to show signs of it having seen better days, the Mac is no different. Whether it is the result of you trying to make that DIY artisanal coffee while working on that killer edit and then spilling it all or working on too many late-night reports too often, weFix will revive your Mac with a repair or upgrade at selected stores nationwide. If you want to bring new life to your Mac or give it super rendering abilities once again, pop into any one of our stores and our Mac repair specialists will assess your device and get working on making sure your Mac is performing optimally again.

weFix offers the following services:

  • MacBook hard drive repairs
  • MacBook keyboard repairs
  • MacBook cracked or broken screen repairs
  • MacBook startup issue diagnosis and repair
  • MacBook liquid damage repairs
  • MacBook battery replacement
  • MacBook upgrades
  • Software updates
  • Data Transfer
  • Data recovery
  • High-level Mainboard repairs
  • Trackpads
  • Ram upgrades
  • SSD Upgrades
  • Flex Cable Replacement
  • Optical Drive Replacement

Walk in to any of our stores to get yours back to tip-top condition, by finding your nearest weFix here. You can also book your Mac or Macbook online here and we will get back to you.