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Keeping Your Phone Clean!

For the most part, smartphone owners have keeping their phone's internal performance in tip-top shape down pat, but we often neglect the importance of maintaining the outside as well. We’re not talking about preventing smashed screens either. We’re talking about general smartphone valet, keeping your device nice and shiny while protecting it from the things you don’t necessarily associate with damaging a phone. Dust, we’re looking at you. We’ve got a couple of tips on how you can give your phone a proper spitshine – but don’t use your actual saliva, it’s just a phrase.

Our first instinct when attempting to clean our phones is to reach for something in a bottle that sprays liquid. That’s right. You know how you reach for the Mr. Min to clean your laptop screen when you shouldn’t be doing that? The same rule applies to your smartphone. Avoid using your typical household cleaners, compressed air, bleach and – this happens – hydrogen peroxide (we’d like to talk to the people who do this to their phones).

We’ve lint our lesson – microfiber is dope!

Your best friend for keeping your phone – especially if it is covered in glass – is a good old-fashioned microfiber cloth. These cost anything from Chinatown to Woolies (an official pricing scale) and can help with the removal of smudges, fingerprints and more. Dampen no more than the corner of the cloth with some water and wipe any marks away on your device. Use a dry portion of the cloth to remove excess moisture. Et voila.

Clean the headphone jack, and the audio comes back some more, some more, some more, some more!

Keeping your headphone jack clean means you can continue listening to Ray Charles’ ‘Hit The Road Jack’ and while cleaning your port sounds absolutely terrifying, a simple product might just help audio connectivity problems or general quality snafus. Available from most department stores, compressed air is king when it comes to maintaining tech products. The can comes with a thin straw-like nozzle which you can point directly into your headphone jack, blasting out any debris that may be damaging it. It’s better than blowing into it with your mouth and less tiring.


In your sweaty jeans pockets, on the living room table, at your office desk and next to the Big Mac you half-finished at McDonald's – your phone picks up germs everywhere. Some studies claim that our smartphones might even be dirtier than a toilet seat. Uh uh! We’re having none of that. There are some advanced ways to get rid of germs, like with a UV light if you happen to have one just lying around. But there are also simpler methods – namely a combination of alcohol and water. Mix up 60% water with about 40% isopropyl rubbing alcohol (widely available) and dampen a microfiber cloth before wiping down your device.

So, cleaning your device isn’t that difficult and much like your car, your phone LOVES a little TLC from its owner. But also like a car, sometimes cleaning it on your own is a bit overrated. What do you do then? You take it to a car wash. For the month of September, weFix is offering a FREE valet service for your smartphone, where we’ll give it some love, some spitshine (again, not actual saliva is used) and hand it back to you looking like a new sixpence! In this analogy, weFix is the car wash, just clearing that up for ya. 

Terms and Conditions: The valet service is complimentary for the month of September 2019. The service is available to any smartphone, tablet, smartwatch and Apple MacBook device. While the utmost care is taken during a valet, weFix will not be held liable for any further damage caused to an already damaged device. The turnaround-time for the valet is dependant on the number of devices and repairs booked in that day prior to you.  weFix reserves the right to end the complimentary service at any given time.