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MFi? What's that?

It's 2018 and most brands have made the jump to the more popular USB-C connection for their devices, with Apple reluctantly deciding to stick with their Lightning connection. But there's a very good reason for this and that is to ensure that your iPhone or iPad gets the absolute best connection and that quality performance is guaranteed.

Any product and/or accessory designed for an Apple device has been dubbed MFi, which is short for either "Made for iPhone", "Made for iPad" or "Made for iPod" – whichever product you own and is Apple's certification and licensing program. In the Lightning connector, there is authentication technology, which you don't find in typical USB or USB Type-C connections, that speaks to your iPhone's very advanced chip. What manufacturers will always tell you is that in order to get the best from of your device, you will need to use a certified or compatible accessory – something Apple reminds you of each time you connect a non-certified or "fong kong" Lightning connector or accessory. Remember that using knock-off products also voids your warranty, should the product damage the iPhone or iPad, so this is Apple taking a step to make sure that your device has a lengthy lifespan and that you have the best possible experience.

weFix sells Lightning cables and earphones which are all MFi-certified and this is proudly stamped on each of our products where applicable. The process isn't easy as the approval procedure is lengthy and products have to go undergo vigorous testing before the big guys in Cupertino, California gives the go ahead. While you're sure to find Lightning cables and earphones at much lower prices at the guy down the alley, it most certainly won't be MFi-certified and may end up damaging your device. weFix's high-quality range of cables carries a 6-month warranty, giving you peace of mind with each purchase.

It doesn't stop at MFi-certified products: weFix has a massive collection of accessories for every need, available in your nearest weFix store.