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Mixing The Elements

It’s hard to understand that most people know that electricity and water don’t mix, but for some reason when their idevice gets liquid damaged, all reason goes out the window and the first thing they do is plug it into a charger to see if it won’t switch on again. This is most definitely, without a doubt, the worst thing one can do. Please understand that the circuit board inside your idevice is extremely sensitive and even if you have left it for a day or two to “dry out” there is most likely corrosion that has built up on the components inside. Plugging it into a wall charger or even a computer to see if it still works is a death sentence for your device and in that same instance you are shorting out the circuit board and sending it off to join the others in iDevice heaven. Please control your nagging urge to see if it still works and immediately switch it off and bring it in to one of our stores as soon as humanly possible so that one of our trained professional technicians can safely nurse it back to life. If it’s not possible to get to us within the hour of the unfortunate event, one thing that might help soak up the moisture inside the device is to dry it out by any means possible and put it into a bag of rice, rice has an affinity for water as it is dehydrated and will help to stop corrosion. To summarise: If your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac get’s exposed to water do NOT plug in to power or turn it on. Put it in a tub of rice immediately and bring it to one of our stores as soon as you can. Noel Bruce, Workshop Manager, weFix Cape Town