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Our Top 5 Travel Apps for 2018

While the summer holidays are a time to get away from the stress of work and basically all other 315 days of the past year, the planning of it can be just as stressful. Fortunately, we live in the technological era, where there’s an app to remedy just about everything – except maybe car sickness.

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Does anyone really walk into a travel agency anymore? Skyscanner puts the power of a headset-wearing, PC-wielding travel agent in the palm of your hands. Flying out of the country? The app will work to find the best travel deals for your destination and will show you the cheapest and fastest flights. If you don’t know where you want to go – even though you should have some sort of an idea – the app also shows you great deals for destinations close to you, helping you pick the ideal holiday with an arrangement of curated trips and specials.

Google Translate
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The best part of travelling is experiencing new languages for the first time. The troublesome part is the language barrier itself. Gone are the days of carrying a small handbook on how to hail a taxi cab in China. Enter the Google Translate app, which works amazingly well when abroad and is capable of translating between 103 languages – including Afrikaans, Zulu and Xhosa - with support available for around 50 languages offline. There’s also Conversation Mode that listens to your foreign friend translates what he or she says, then replies in their language. Furthermore, the app uses AI to scan foreign language signs and text, then translates it in-app. Sail away, sail away, sail away.

The Entertainer
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While travelling, for the most part, has become increasingly cheaper even with an underperforming Rand, it’s still great to be able to save on food and activities. This is where the Entertainer app comes in. In addition to showing deals in your city, you can select any of the supported cities worldwide and take a whiff of the selection of discounted experiences from food to leisure and even accommodation.


Seat Guru
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Did you ever receive your plane ticket and be totally fine with whatever seat number you’ve been assigned and not think about what that seat was actually like? With Seat Guru – which is also available using a browser – you can read reviews on flights, aircrafts and even specific seats. Reviews go as far as mentioning how close the seat is to the lavatory, how much foot traffic it tends to get and even which seats are best for legroom. Why would you not download this app for your next flight?


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Not happy with the in-flight movie offering? Want to keep your kids busy on the long road? Netflix is usually the answer for anyone travelling great distances who has some time to kill episodes of The Bodyguard (seriously, go watch it) where you also do not need an internet connection. Netflix allows you to download your favourite movies and series offline and you are able to play it back with your device on airplane mode. Netflix also has a dedicated Kids Profile so that your kids are occupied with countless episodes of Pokémon and Barbie while you take on the highways.