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Our Top 5 Travel Accessories

It’s December, and that means some of – if not most of – us are taking to the road and air for vacation. When you’re creating that all-important checklist, why don’t you add one or more of the following holiday-essential accessories from weFix.

Snug 4 Port 4.8 Amp Charger

The best part about getting to your holiday hotel or guest house is battling to find that all-important two-pin power point, and if you actually do find one, good luck with finding more than one (we don’t wish this on anyone). If your phone or any other smart device needs charging, the Snug 4-port is our go-to – one power point for up to 4 devices, so no fighting over who has 3% battery left and needs to upload their Instagram photos next.

Kanex 3m Lightning Cable

For those out-of-reach power points you can’t get to from wherever you’re sitting, Kanex has an impressive range of high-quality lightning cables, with our favourite one being 3m long. What’s more impressive is that even at 3m long, the cable doesn’t lose transfer and sync quality and is built to suit various lifestyles and applications, whether your hotel bed is more than an arm’s stretch away from the power point or if you’re charging your smartphone from the very back of mom’s SUV. Also available in 1.2m and 2m.

Snug Quick Charge 15000mAh Powerbank

There are countless power banks to choose from but there are very few that offer the actual level of quality the Snug Quick Charge range offers. The powerbanks are powered by Lithium Polymer batteries, which allows smaller cells to hold more charge and deliver higher output. They are lightweight and ultra-thin, making them easy to carry around. We rate the 15,000mAh as the best possible version – priced just right to offer you up to 4 charge cycles for your high-end Huawei and Samsung smartphones or as many as 4 charge cycles for your iPhone 7 or 6s. weFix has a variety of power banks available here.

UAG Plasma Case for iPhone 6/7

Today’s smartphones aren’t what they used to be. Take the Nokia 3310 for example – that thing could survive a nuclear warhead. For those smartphones that are a tad bit more fragile, we present to you the rugged and tough UAG Plasma Case. Despite its heavy appearance, the case is surprisingly light and doesn’t get in the way of your buttons and ports. In addition, unlike being an issue for most of the thicker covers you’ll see on the market, you won’t lose your NFC payments and wireless charging, perfect for when you’re coming down from a hike in the rough Drakensberg to whatever Bootleggers Coffee Shop is close by – we know you. Available in Ash and Ice colours. Also available for other models including Samsung in our weFix stores.

SkullCandy Barricade Mini Speaker

Whether you're chilling at the beach or dancing with your up and coming hip-hop crew (we've seen too many Step Up movies to count, sorry for the reference), bluetooth speakers are always a must-have, and you'd be hard-pressed to find one as cool as the SkullCandy Barricade. The speaker offers up to 6 hours of battery life, weighs just 294g and is even IPX5 compliant, meaning it can survive pool-side splashing and still pack some awesome sounds.  

We’ve only scratched the surface on what weFix offers in its range of smartphone accessories, online and with some in-store exclusives. You can also get 3 accessories for the price of 2 - available on all accessories in weFix stores (3 December 2018 - 7 January 2019) and online from (3 December 2018 - 16 December 2018).