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Screen protectors for over 20,000 devices now at weFix

Screen protectors. They’re everywhere. With hundreds of brands to choose from – some affordable, some not so affordable – along with various levels of quality and strength and types, it can be about as frustrating a purchase as finding the right smartphone cover but might be the most important accessory you need to get.

Adding to that frustration is that despite the infinite amount of stores and kiosks that offer screen protectors, is that your device might be so vague or unpopular, that they may not even stock it. “Oh, you’re looking for a screen protector for that OnePlus 7 Pro? What is that?” is a sentence from a merchant you may be all too familiar with. weFix though has realized that this is the biggest headache when it comes to wanting to protect the most important part of your smartphone – it’s screen – and has now introduced ProtectionPro to its network of stores. The device supports – get this – over 20,000 smart devices across smartphones, laptops and tablets. Even that old original Apple iPhone you have in that drawer of yours – we’re able to cover that.

The ProtectionPro system uses an optically clear, 2mm thick film that offers strength, clarity, a smooth glass-like texture, and responsive user experience at excellent value. Perfect for all devices, ProtectionPro offers Ultra and Matte touchscreen protection that won't hinder screen responsiveness. ProtectionPro features patented impact protection that is smooth to the touch, like glass. The Matte finish reduces glare from sunlight and other ambient light sources with anti-fingerprint protection. The entire process also takes about as quick as it takes to make breakfast. Walk into our store, and the ProtectionPro device takes 2-3 minutes to produce the cutout for your smartphone after which it takes an additional 1-2 minutes to apply.

Pricing on ProtectionPro screen protectors vary from the size of the device to the finish:

For Watches:
Protection PRO Ultra Film Extra Small

For Smartphones:
Protection PRO Ultra Film Small - Gloss
R299.00 R249.00
Launch Special. Ends 13 August. While Stocks Last.

Protection PRO Ultra Film Small - Matte

For Tablets:
Protection PRO Ultra Film Medium

For Laptops / Macs:
Protection PRO Ultra Film Large