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Smartphone repair industry by the Numbers

The smartphone repair industry ain't pretty - well, except for our shining technicians at weFix but we're being a bit biased - and each year millions of phones are passed over counters for much needed TLC. We've scoured the web and stumbled upon these really interesting smartphone repair industry stats. 

Water is responsible for 43% of liquid damage. Fizzy drinks like soda account for 19%

1 in 4 iPhone users will experience a cracked screen while owning the device. We think we know a place that does a great job with repairs (it's us).

iPhone users have spent $14 billion in repairs since 2007. 

Men are 57% more likely to drop their phones in the toilet than women. 

1 in 4 smartphone owners said their phones were damaged after giving it to their kids to play with. Well, if they're willing to pull the legs off of Ken then...

Around 60% of smartphone repair stores will also stock accessories. Cheap plug, but weFix has some awesome ones, from power banks to covers and even Bluetooth speakers.

32% of smartphone owners damage their phones in a pool or similar body of water. So best keep the phone away from your day trip to uShaka Marine World when you think your phone is waterproof. 

55% of users will get a protective case for their phones after having it repaired. Because you should. 

Whatever the reason, whether it's from a 6-storey drop or your kid's decided your iPad isn't just for Paw Patrol episodes, weFix handles a diverse range of repairs - from typical screen repairs to even obscure ones like replacing your device's antenna. You can book in your device online here or even get a quote from anywhere - over the phone by calling one of our stores and even on social media.