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Repurpose that old iPhone 4

It's been 7 years since the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S was launched and even in 2018, there's a considerable amount of them still in use. While the overall design is now dated, there's an incredible amount of tech inside that outshines even the classiest entry-level devices - 640x960 display, 1080p video recording and even Apple AirPlay, making the iPhone 4 and 4s still fairly relevant even in 2018. But it's sure not going to be your daily driver, so just how can you repurpose your iPhone 4 today?

Backup Phone

They don't make phones like they used to. Everything is glass and aluminium that a simple drop could render your phone completely useless. Because the iPhone 4 and 4S is still a pretty solid device, it makes a great backup phone for when your main smartphone is on el fritzo. If you have an iPhone already, it's really simple to sync up contacts, emails and passwords so you're not entirely out of the loop.

Two words: baby monitor

How do you check on your baby without stepping on their rubber ducky and waking them up before needing to take one hour to get them back to sleep? Baby monitor. There are several apps out there (though Cloud Baby Monitor is the best) which you can load on to your old iPhone 4 or 4S to make sure your baby is safe and sound. Simply mount or set the device in place, pair your old iPhone with your current smartphone et voila - no need to spend thousands on baby monitoring gadgets.

Poor-man's home assistant

"Hey, Siri. Play Britney Spears' 'Oops, I Did it Again'..." Yeah, no need to shell out big bucks for an Amazon Echo or Google Home product. Dock your iPhone 4 or 4s in a location within earshot and say 'Hey Siri' to get her doing something. You can further amplify this experience by connecting your device to a Bluetooth speaker. Cool idea, right?

Use it as your car's GPS

Unless you're completely not tech-savvy, the days of purchasing basic GPS devices for your car are gone. Nowadays, even entry-level smartphones come equipped with full voice automated GPS - nice hey? Instead of spending R1000 or so on a GPS device, dock your iPhone 4 or 4S into a car mount (weFix sells some great air vent mounts bee-tee-dubs), hide any unnecessary apps and Bob's your uncle. 'Hey, Siri, take me to the nearest McDonalds'.

Keep the kids entertained

weFix knows - and boy do we know - that several smartphone accidents are caused by young inquisitive minds with butterfingers. You no longer need to give your boss - uh kids - your fancy smanshy iPhone XS Max or iPad Pro to keep them entertained. Repurpose your iPhone 4 and 4s for those long drives by loading up Candy Crush, Netflix and Showmax.

Honey, where's the remote?

Ah, the TV remote. Like your keys, they tend to travel through wormholes and 6th dimensions before popping up when you don't need them. If you have an Apple TV device, you can use your old iPhone 4 or 4S as a remote control. Furthermore, there are universal remote apps available from the Apple app store that works with just about any TV.

You don't have to throw away or even sell your old iPhone 4 or 4S, especially when there's still so much life in it and the hundreds of uses you have for it - we've really only scraped the surface. weFix understands this and will be offering a complete device revival for only R299. So if you need a new screen or battery, dock connector or loudspeaker - any combination* of new parts will cost you just one price. Take advantage of this brilliant offer by visiting any weFix outlet.

*T's and C's: STOCKS ARE LIMITED AND WHILE STOCKS LAST. Parts are limited to iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S Screen replacement and Battery replacement as well any of the following small repair parts: Antenna, Back Cover, Bottom Speaker, Dock Connector, Front Camera, Home Button, Headphone Jack, Sim Reader, Sim Tray, Top Speaker, Vibrator, Proximity Sensor and Rear Camera.