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Samsung’s Foldable Galaxy X – What We Know So Far

Among the cutting edge tech innovations, the idea of bendable or foldable screens have been discussed in rumours and fantasies for a number of years – but it appears that Samsung will be bringing a version of that technology to consumers very, very shortly.

The first reports surfaced around 2011, as a concept phone indicating where mobile devices were headed within the foreseeable future. Now, though, according to a recent report from The Investor, it seems that Samsung is planning on releasing such a device some time in 2019.

In a strange twist, though, this will be combining a form factor that was all the rage over a decade ago: the clamshell or flip phone design. Currently known as the Galaxy X, the device will likely have a 7.3-inch OLED display that can be folded in half, not unlike the flip-phones of the past. In addition, a smaller screen will be visible once it’s closed, which will be used to display notifications.

Much like Apple’s iPhone X price-point, the Galaxy X is likely to become Samsung’s priciest model to date. This shouldn’t be surprising considering the R&D that goes into developing this new technology.

Of course, the ambitious design is not without it’s hurdles. The biggest obstacle is preventing damage to the screen when the 4K display is repeatedly folded – but a prototype is said to be in a testing-phase to work out the issues.

Solid, single-display smartphones have been in vogue for some time now, but could Samsung be ushering in a new era of mobile device designs with the Galaxy X? We’ll know soon enough.

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