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Tech Tuesday Roundup – Hackers’ gap, Apple Watch 2, and much more

Another week gone by and some big announcements, happenings and movements in the tech world, and we’ve wrapped up all you need to know right here (you’re welcome):

Sony feels the heat – Sony admitted the Snapdragon 810 chip is causing Xperia Z3+ overheating issues, and asks users to “turn it off and on again”. Eish. Read more here.

iPhone 6S rumours abound – The next iPhone is expected to feature the same custom Series 7000 aluminum that is used for Apple Watch. This will make the case up to 60 percent harder than the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The new alloy is one-third the density of stainless steel. Read more here.

Apps leave open door to hackers – Remember the Heartbleed vulnerability that exposed millions of user passwords and details online? Well, a new similar flaw found in some of the most popular iOS and Android apps puts smartphone users’ passwords and location data at risk. Read more here.

Watch yourself – You can finally buy an Apple Watch at an Apple retail store. This comes nearly two months after the wearable device first went on sale online. Read more here.

HP adopts USB Type-C – HP has launched its first USB Type-C Windows 10 tablets, and explains that the reversible USB plug standard will eventually replace all predecessors. Read more here.

Goodbye Mini Me – The only non-Retina display iPad mini is no more. The first-generation device, first introduced in October 2012, quietly exited the Apple online store last Thursday. Read more here.

Beats hype-train begins – The Apple Music service doesn’t officially launch until the end of the month. However, iOS 8 beta 4 and iOS 9 beta testers are already seeing one of the service’s biggest new features make an appearance on the Music app. Read more here.

Apple Watch 2? Already? – Just as the Apple Watch hits retail stores, rumours about the second-generation device are springing up. The Apple Watch 2 is said to likely feature a FaceTime video camera integrated into the top bezel of the device. That would allow users to place and receive video calls directly from their wrists. Read more here.