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Tech Tuesday Roundup – Microsoft WiFi, robot samurais and much more

With all the shenanigans of football officials, loadshedding and presidential nonsense going on, we often miss the news that is most important: the latest in tech. We’ve wrapped up all the announcements, reveals and updates you need to know about.

Prepare your data bundles – According to Ericsson, the average smartphone user will consume 14GB of data per month by the year 2020, and 70 percent of the world’s population will have a smartphone in five years’ time. Read more here.

Apple Music takes on the streaming market – Apple has arrived on the music streaming scene with the launch of Apple Music. The company’s answer to Spotify is coming to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and PC on 30 June in 100 countries. In addition to offering millions of tracks to stream and curated playlists from the iTunes library, Apple Music will be supplemented by a radio station called Beats1. Read more here.

Microsoft to supply WiFi? Microsoft has revealed ambitions to become a global provider of public internet with the launch of a service called Microsoft WiFi. Read more here.

Samsung’s oversized Galaxy S6 Edge Plus emerges in video – It was recently claimed that Samsung is working on a super-sized version of its Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone, and we now appear to have video evidence of the device’s existence. Read more here.

Something’s missing… New Windows 10 adopters have noticed a few core Microsoft features missing with the new version of the OS, but have found a sneaky way to bring back those beloved bits. Read more here.

Another reason to fear the future – Robotics engineers at the Yaskawa Electric Company in Japan have trained one of their Motorman industrial robots to use a Samurai sword. By studying the movements of Isao Machii, a Iaijutsu master as he wielded a katana sword, they were able to replicate it in the Motorman MH24.

Microsoft’s cooking up something big – Microsoft’s secretive Lumia 940XL smartphone leaks ahead of its official receal. The device is said to feature Windows 10, Snapdragon 810 chip, USB Type-C, iris scanner and QHD display. Read more here.

Finally! Kingston unveils a new USB Type-C flash drive that can be inserted both ways, saving us thousands of frustrating hours of our lives, inserting and re-inserting flash drives the wrong way. Read more here.

Apple’s iOS 9 improvements revealed – Apple has offered a first look at its iOS 9 mobile operating system at the Worldwide Developers Conference. The next-generation OS promises to improve battery life, performance and security, as well as adding “intelligence” to the user experience. Does that mean Siri got some extra maths classes? Read more here.

Bigger Xbox One on the way? A premature listing on Amazon suggests that Microsoft will launch a new 1TB Xbox One bundle on 15 June – the same day as its E3 conference. Read more here.

Facebook slammed for not removing ‘baby abuse’ video – Facebook has come under fire from a leading children’s charity over its refusal to remove a “disturbing” video of a distressed baby being repeatedly dunked into a bucket of water. Read more here.