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The Best Gadget Gifts for Dads this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is around the corner, so if you’ve got a dad that’s already ‘hip’ when it comes to technology and gadgets, we’ve got some potential gifts he might be into. Otherwise, keep these in mind if your pops is still behind the times and you want to get him into 2018, when it comes to tech, that is!


This compact and conveniently packed toolkit makes sense for the outdoor treks, but also just as a generally pragmatic piece of kit for any guy to have in his car. It comes with a detachable and wearable flashlight, long-nose pliers, a full set of screwdriver bits, measuring tape, and a utility knife. If your dad does a lot of travel by car, or likes venturing into the outdoors for family holidays, this will be an invaluable piece of kit for any obstacles that come up.

Available from Takealot here!


Drones might have started out seeming like they’d just be kids’ toys, but they’ve evolved into anything but. Not only are they being used in the creation of content and other careers like game tracking for farms, but enthusiasts and amateurs alike are taking their photography and videography to the next level. While a little smaller than the full-scale Mavic, the Mavic Air gives you all the bells ad whistles in a smaller shell without any comprises. 32MP sphere panoramic shots, a 21 minute flight time, 3-directional environment and object sensing, as well as a 2-axis gimbal for its 4K camera makes the Mavic Air a solid contender for flight and photography aficionados.

You can purchase the Mavic Air from weFix for R13,999.


The Livescribe 3 smartpen is the ultimate in convenience taking and storing notes, while also storing voice recordings to go along with the notes. With a Bluetooth connection it can sync with up to 4 Android/iOS devices and store written notes into a digital format, while also combining sound clips that will correspond with chosen notes. It’s ideal for any planning or note-taking activities that a someone does frequently, and means a busy business-person never has to search for loose pages or a tattered notebook again. 

Available from Takealot here! 


Everyone these days, old and young, is on a smart device of some kind for a large part of the day. Whether it’s a tablet for work, or us using our smartphones for an assortment of tasks, we often need an injection of extra battery life throughout the day. This Romoss Powerbank has a 10000mAh storage capacity, but best of all it’s compatible with Wireless Charging devices, so no more tangled or lost cables to worry about – just a sleek package to provide some extra juice to whatever device necessary.

Available from WeFix here!


Fitness watches are a major trend at the moment, but a wearable fitness tracker doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank. This Trax model comes with all the expected features: step count, heart-rate monitor, calorie counter, pedometer, call notification, social media and message alerts, and IPX7 waterproofing to go with any active lifestyle. If your dad is already into fitness and doesn’t have a fitness tracker yet, or if you’re trying to get him into that lifestyle, the Trax 101HR is a great alternative to some of the pricy options.

Available from Takealot here!

And if you currently own a drone yourself, or perhaps your smartphone needs some help, the specialist repair team over at WeFix will help get your device back in tip-top shape!