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Give your business the edge with RiCharge

Being a business owner means you need to do as much as possible to beat the competition. Coffee shops, restaurants, hotel lobbies and even busses and trains offer additional services to attract visitors, the most popular of them being Wi-Fi.

But if you think about it, while Wi-Fi is a great service to offer in your establishment, it’s pretty pointless if you don’t have a powered-up device to connect to it. In a world where smartphones are getting batteries with less runtime than those we’ve seen 10 years ago, it’s more important than ever to make sure that our devices are on all the time.

Where does your business fit in in all of this? Someone out there is going to need a power boost – as they grab a cup of coffee, or sit down for dinner and this is where RiCharge comes in. RiCharge offers a wide range of products that add value to business by providing recharge services for a wide range of devices from Android smartphones, iPhones and laptops. Each product is suited to different locations and purposes.

The most popular of these is our RiCharge Mini Station, pictured below, which is perfect for low to medium foot traffic establishments. The Mini Station has 6 power banks that are compatible with a variety of smartphones. As a business-owner, you can offer the power banks as a free or paid service. The reality is, there’s always somebody with a low battery willing to pay a small fee to have their device charged up.

One RiCharge’s most recent additions is the Solar Charging Kit. What looks like your standard outdoor umbrella you’d find outside a coffee shop or restaurant is actually a cleverly designed solar-powered charging station – no plugs, which makes it an incredibly eco-friendly product. The Solar Charging Kit features 2 cables, one for Android devices and the other for iPhones.

These are only some of the products in RiCharge’s growing catalogue. There’s the mammoth Super Station for larger establishments, which – using 12 docked power banks – can charge up 24 devices, the Bar Charing Table is perfect for nightclubs or bars, and the Menu Charger offers a spot for restauranteurs to showcase their Soup of the Day while offering charging space for 4 devices.

For more information on how to get RiCharge for your business, visit the RiCharge website or Facebook page or contact (Southern Region) or (Northern Regions).