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The Tello Drone’s Most Subtle Feature Might Just Be its Best

The latest drone arriving on the scene, the Tello, may be one of the most compact and affordable, but it it features something that all the other drones don’t: an MIT-developed coding system for kids and teens to learn the basics of programming while having fun.

That’s right – the soon-to-be-released DJI-powered drone can be programmed using a visual programming language called Scratch, which uses a block-based coding system. Users can move around blocks of code to create different drone tricks or flight patterns, like flips or different automated direction changes, giving users the chance to see how pre-programmed moves can affect the drone in-air.

Scratch is also used to create small animations, games, and interactive stories, which then can be shared with others, so this is a huge leap for drones and education implantation in the devices.

If Scratch becomes too simple or you’d like some more sophisticated functionality, then the Tello SDK can be used to program more intricate apps, too. Introducing a little fun into the theory is a great way to encourage anyone to learn, and it doesn’t get more fun than flying programmable drones around!

You can read more about the Tello here; and if you’re interested in getting into the drone hobby and want to do it in the most fun, most affordable way possible check out the Tello on weFix’s site where you can place your pre-order.

The Tello will be available in mid-April 2018.