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The Trouble with iOS 11.3

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus users have noted several bugs and physical defects since upgrading to Apple's latest mobile software release, iOS 11.3 (and up). Initially, the cause was a mystery, but weFix is now unveiling what we believe to be the unfortunate result of staying up to date.

The fault inherently lies in the initial soldering of the audio chip in the iPhone 7, which has left it vulnerable to a term our Techs call "dry joints”. A dry joint, in its essence, is the gap that forms between the audio chip and the logic board in a smart device. Once a small gap forms, it causes a continuous corrosion and increases the gap until one day the connection between the two can no longer allow current to flow.

There are two speculations as to why the audio chip is failing due to the new iOS 11 update:
1. iOS 11.3 has a more in-depth diagnostic test on the device start up than its predecessor, iOS 10. This, when combined with the age of the device and level of corrosion linked to dry joints”, would pick up the lack of connection and block the function completely, most likely as a safety feature. End result = no microphone :-(
2. Similar to a past incident commonly seen in the iPhone 4S, where the new software update caused overheating of the Wi-Fi chip, resulting in dry joints. iOS 11.3 and up is causing the audio chip to overheat, rapidly increasing the risk of those susceptible to dry joints, leading to the ultimate shut down of the microphone function because of the lost connection.

There is a quick fix that involves melting the soldering beneath the chip, which will enable to the chip to work for a short period of time. This however, is not a long term solution and will eventually need to be replaced. The bad news, unfortunately, is that the only permanent solution to dry joints is to replace the chip in the device’s logic board. weFix is officially advising its customers not to update to the new iOS 11.3 software until the many issues are resolved.