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This is how to properly clean your smartphone

Keeping your smartphone virus-free on the inside is important, but users often forget to make sure it’s clean on the outside too. Smartphones and mobile devices have been proven to carry bacteria (and can also just get a bit grubby from general use), so here’s some easy ways to clean your home gadgets without any damage:

1. Cleaning your touch screen smartphone is quite a touchy process (we couldn’t resist) — you don’t want to use any harsh chemicals or, even more damaging, water. Using a tried-and-tested screen cleaner will ensure you won’t damage your phone’s sensitive bits. Most should come with a soft microfiber cloth (or use one of your own) and give that smartphone a good shine.

2. If you want to do a bit of home DIY cleaning instead of buying a kit, a 40/60 alcohol-to-water mixture on solid phone parts and keyboards should be OK for your devices (use a damp cloth and/or cotton swab for small and hard-to-reach places). However you do not want to use any sort of alcohol, ammonia, or harsh cleaning agent on touch screens.

3. Your phone may be pretty clean but just have a few dirty crevices and fingerprints. In this case, use a piece of Scotch Tape to peel away dirt and dust in between keys, and rid your phone of fingerprints. Perfect for when you’re at the office (without a microfiber cloth), but unfortunately it won’t help the germ situation.

4. Serious germaphobes can ensure a clean device with the something like a PhoneSoap charger, a pretty nifty device which cleans, sanitises, and charges your device all at once.

Happy cleaning!