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Top 5 Awesome Apps You'll Be Glad to Discover this Month

If you’re looking for some unique new apps to try out, we’ve got a few that may strike your fancy; from a Stranger Things mobile game to an app that helps you invest your spare cash — next time you hit the app store keep an eye out for some of these!

Offline Survival Manual

These days, everyone assumes internet access is as universal as the availability of oxygen. We’re constantly connected, constantly browsing, and not very often are we without the web. However, on the odd occasions that you can’t access the internet and you may need some important or even life-saving advice at your fingertips, the Offline Survival Manual can help you with that. Basic health and survival tips are packed into this convenient app, so should you be out in the sticks on a camping holiday with no signal you’ll still have vital health, safety, food, and water advice within reach.

Download: Android

Stranger Things: The Game

My nostalgia-sense is tingling on this one. For anyone with fond memories of side-scrolling 16-Bit games, this Stranger Things mobile game will be a blast from the past that adapts the popular series (also set in the 80s) into some handheld gaming fun. It combines a fun exploration-based approach with a range of characters that all have different abilities, and even features some collectibles to hunt down for those side-quest addicts. You can even compare your speed-run times to those of your friends, so get ready to explore the town of Hawkins in all its pixelated glory.

Download: Android | iOS


Technology offers lots of innovative ways to improve our personal safety, and the locally-developed CrashDetech app is one additional safety net you can use should you ever find yourself in an emergency. The app runs in the background and can detect when a traffic collision occurs, not only sending your location out to emergency services immediately, but also providing them with your vital information so no additional time needs to be wasted on the scene. Touch wood, none of us will ever need it, but as the old adage goes – rather safe than sorry.

Download: Android | iOS



Feel like blowing off some steam but you don’t want to scream your best friend’s ear off? Venter offers you an anonymous way to share your own stories of frustration, concern, and irritation with other users and also read theirs. Sometimes using your Facebook or Twitter feed to unload about Joburg traffic isn’t the most amazing idea, but neither is bottling it up. Venter gives you a safety valve to vent those frustrations and keep that anger monkey off your back.

Download: Android


Investing and saving is key for anyone trying to secure their financial future – especially for young twenty-somethings who aren’t sure about how to get into the game. Stash gives you’re the opportunity to round up your card swipes to the nearest R10 and then use the digital spare change to invest in some of South Africa’s biggest companies. It’s an excellent start for anyone looking for a minimal effort way of investing a little bit, and makes a great passive addition to your portfolio. You’re going to be spending money anyways, and instead of having loose money lying around that you’re never physically going to see, Stash can help you leverage it so that it’ll grow as some of SA’s biggest brands do too.

Download: Android

Next time you’re bored and browsing the app store keep a look out for some of these cool apps, whether you want some 80s inspired gaming action or a way to get your money working for you! And, if you're in need of some smartphone repairs, get in touch with the trustworthy guys in town, WeFix. Check out the weFix online store and Tweet them @weFix to say hi!weFixLogo