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Our Top 5 Anticipated Smartphones for 2019

Another year, and another batch of incoming smartphones. What makes this year so special is that we're expected to get our first official batch of 5G smartphones. We're also set to see improvements to cameras, one device coming in at 48-megapixels and 5 cameras, AI (this makes us scared, to be honest. Have you seen I, Robot) and of course processing power with several handsets adopting the new Snapdragon 855. Let's look at some of our favourites coming in 2019.

Samsung Galaxy F

While Samsung is - as usual - readying itself to launch its next phone in the Galaxy S range, it's the Galaxy F we're most excited about. Revealed at Samsung's developer conference in November in a well-lit room (it was dark and mysterious, actually) we don't know much about it other than it will have a 7.3-inch screen. We're not expecting Note 9 levels of processing power, but there is more than enough time for Samsung to impress us. Samsung will also launch the Galaxy S10, along with the S10 Lite and S10+ in February as well.

Nokia 9 PureView

Most phones we've seen throughout 2018 have launched with either dual- or triple-camera setups, with Samsung even venturing into 4 camera setups with its A9 smartphone. But why stop at four when you can have five? That's where Nokia's head is at, as it readies to launch the 9 PureView. The brand, which was revived by HDM Global, has had a fantastic run since returning to the mainstream with several handsets released to great fanfare and reception. The company looks to up its game with a near-stock Android experience, Snapdragon 845 chipset and a near-6 inch screen. Where do we sign up?

Sony Xperia XZ4

One brand that has been floundering around in the smartphone space is Sony. So much so, that it has been making a loss for some time now. The problem was that Sony could not keep up with the change in the market, as several more affordable and recognizable brands were innovating. The XZ4 is rumoured to be launched in February with a radical change in design, which hopefully sees a departure from the big bezels and underpowered processors. This might be Sony's last opportunity to make a splash, so it needs to make a big one.

Huawei P30

Despite the controversy surrounding spying (yes, the US is angry at the Chinese again), Huawei has been chugging along to become the #2 brand in the world behind Samsung. With the Mate 20 getting rave reviews, the P30 should follow suit with the same tech in a phone that costs just a little bit less, as the brand does every year. We also expect that the notch may completely disappear from the range, with the punch hole taking its place - the same punch hole seen on the brand new Honor View20, also made by Huawei and set for release next month-ish.

Apple iPhone X1

Apple hasn't had the best year. It's shipped out fewer iPhones, and its attempt at a sorta-not-exactly mid-range iPhone XR was laughable. The Cupertino-based brand needs to switch things up, and a new leak suggests they might just do that. Kind of. The new iPhone, rumoured to be called the X1 (which is a shortening for Xbox One as well, but whatever) with see the return of the horizontal camera set up, a smaller notch as well as thinner bezels. It's still early days, but a new phone isn't all that Apple needs to look in to. It also needs to think about its pricing as it struggles to compete with cheaper yet competitive brands.