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Tuesday Tech Roundup – Star Wars watches, Samsung’s secret, and death of the internet?

It was a huge week in technology as a number of big smartphone, app and gadget related news made the headlines, and we’ve wrapped up everything you need to read right here.

Not all Galaxy S6 handsets have same camera sensor – Samsung admits there are “several different vendors” making S6 cameras, although the company insists that they all meet “strict global quality and performance standards”. Read more here.

Microsoft gives us the middle-finger… for good – Microsoft will allow users to digitally voice their frustration in Windows 10 with the new middle finger emoji. Emojipedia discovered the collection of new emoji due to make an appearance in Windows 10, but the middle finger is clearly the most anticipated. Read more here.

Family uses pizza app to save lives – One woman and her children have made an amazing escape from a horrible situation, cleverly using a Pizza Hut app, using the mobile order system to send a discreet call for help. Read more here.

Fuzzy connection to Skype made – An EU court has ruled that Skype’s name is too similar to Sky’s, meaning the video calling app won’t be able to register Skype as a trademark, as well as its bubble-design logo. Despite the ruling, Skype won’t be forced to change its name. Read more here.

Imperial wristwatch – Nixon are planning to release a range of Star Wars branded watches. There will be four different timepieces, named Stormtrooper, Boba Fett, Imperial Pilot and, of course, Darth Vader. Read more here.

Spotify takes a shot at Apple – Spotify hits back at Apple with claims the App Store is ‘anticompetitive’ and rgues that so-called “Apple Tax” gives firm an unfair advantage. Read more here.

Avenger in your pocket – Samsung are releasing new Iron Man versions of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. The handsets will sport a red design based on the iconic superhero’s metallic suit and launch as early as this month. Read more here.

HTC One M9 sales underwhelm – HTC’s new flagship device isn’t exactly setting sales records alight (selling only 4.5 million units), and an analyst has said that the lacklustre interest is due to the Snapdragon 810 chip. Read more here.

No more cat videos? The internet could collpase in just eight years, UK scientist claims, as our ever-increasing demand for faster data, streaming services and more powerful computers is pushing our communications structure to the limit and could lead to a crisis. Read more here.

Nintendo and Apple team-up – Nintendo games are set to arrive for iOS beginning later this year. The games will feature classic Nintendo characters, along with some new faces. Read more here.

First self-driving truck hits the road – The first self-driving truck has hit the roads of Nevada. Freightliner’s Inspiration truck is kitted with radars and cameras to enable it to work out its path, although a driver is still needed as autonomous mode only works on highways. Read more here.

Technology to improve driving tests – A new type of driving test that includes following directions on a GPS system is being trialled in the UK. A 17-year-old was the first person to pass the new exam, which requires learners to follow a route on a GPS for 20 minutes, as well as carry out standard road manoeuvres. Read more here.