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weFix’s Chimpanzee of the Month

weFix began its mobile device recycling initiative earlier this year, coinciding with International Mobile Recycling Day on January 24th. The ongoing drive is fast gaining momentum and has seen a phenomenal response thus far, supported by collection bins placed in all our stores, nationwide. We have partnered with the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI), initiator of Mobile Recycling Day and activists in the endorsement of environmental research, conservation and education and therewith social upliftment in various communities.

According to the institute, the negative impact of extraction of the natural resources required to manufacture electronic devices is twofold. Not only is the continuous mining of these minerals threatening the habitat of chimpanzees and the animals with whom they share their home, but control over the mining has created conflict among human communities.

Chimp Eden is JGI South Africa’s chimp sanctuary, home to chimps who have been displaced from their natural habitats in Africa. weFix is pleased to announce that we have decided to do our bit for these majestic creatures, by being a part of the Chimp Guardianship Programme. Of course, with your help, we could do so much more. But for now, we’d love to introduce you to our adopted chimp of the month, Thomas.

Thomas had been kept as a pet by a Major General in the South Sudanese Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism (the CITES officer). Thomas was handed over to a safe house in Sudan, as an example of the South Sudanese government’s commitment to policing the chimp trade. Thomas, together with four other infants, was rescued and quarantined together in 2007.

Thomas used to act as protector of the Sudanese orphans, coming to their rescue whenever they were in trouble. Once fully introduced to his new group and the large outdoor enclosure, he enjoyed his childhood. Now an adolescent, he has bulked up and is challenging the older males, becoming the alpha male of his group.

We are proud to be associated with the amazing institution that is Chimp Eden, and plan on playing a continuous and active role in assisting in the admirable work they do.

How Can You Help?

In more ways than you know.

Before you decide to toss your problematic device into the garbage, pop into your nearest weFix store. Chances are that we’ll be able to fix it ;-) And in the unlikely event that this absolutely cannot be done, you could always pop your once dearly beloved electronic partner in crime, together with the rest of your unusable devices, into one of our collection bins. Who knows what new life it could give?

If you’re really passionate about saving our chimpanzees, you could donate towards Chimp Eden’s cause, or be a part of the Chimp Guardianship Programme, enabling you to adopt a chimp for a period of one year.

For more information, visit the Chimp Eden website.

weFix and Chimp Eden… #WeMakeItBetter