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weFix — The Numbers that Matter

These days, everyone’s a critic. From restaurant reviews to Uber ratings, everyone feels the need to dissect every service they encounter, and to be fair, it’s often needed. There’s a lot of imitators out there, so it’s best to stay in the know and judge a service based on its track-record. Thankfully, weFix has a huge focus on delivering on promises, and their stats prove it. We did a little investigation with one of weFix’s flagship branch managers to find out a little more of what goes on behind-the-scenes with weFix’s technicians.

Now, we’re not mathematicians here, but it’s OK – after all, you don’t need to be Einstein to appreciate the impressive stats that weFix and its trusty technicians are able to deliver.

Speaking with the weFix branch manager of V&A Waterfront, Gideon van Sittert, we found out a little more about the day-to-day activities, processes he and his team are involved in, and some pretty unbelievable “break” stories.

What are the most common problems weFix customers approach you with?

“Home button repairs are quite a common repair that is often linked to software malfunction, especially when it comes to Touch I.D, but other than that, dock connectors (charging dock) issues and battery replacements are the most common problems customers come to us for.”

“One of the more recent, ‘popular’ problems has been specific to the iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus and something that is called ‘Touch Disease’, which is damage sustained to the 6 Plus touch controller from physical stress. This can happen over time with normal use. Pocketing your iPhone will subject it to physical forces that flex the device. For example, if you put your iPhone in your pocket and sit down, the pressure can flex it. This won’t permanently deform your iPhone. Over time, it may cause the touch controller to separate and lose contact with the main logic board. ‘Touch disease’ renders your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus completely useless. At best, you can use Siri, but most of your iPhone’s functionality is inaccessible.”

What is the most bizarre damage story you’ve had to deal with?

“The old ‘put it in rice’ advice is still hugely popular. We once had a client walk into the store with a 25kg bag of rice. At first we thought he just went shopping, until he took a Mac book out of the massive bag and asked us to do a liquid damage assessment. Unfortunately the rice didn’t save his mac, but at least he was sorted with rice for a good while.”

According to some of the technicians, common reasons given for broken devices include angry girlfriends, phones being forgotten on top of cars when pulling away, coffee spills and even animal interference.

Is it difficult to keep technicians up-to-date with the constantly-changing features of new devices?

“It is, but we have a great training process and our technicians do a great job at learning and understanding the new devices as they hit the market.” “Outside of cellular repairs and since our recent expansion into the drone market, all weFix technicians countrywide have been comprehensively trained to perform any drone repairs on the DJI Phantom and Mavic Pro range.”

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