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What Your weFix Savings Gets You in 2020

We’re well into the seventy-eighth week of January. Come February, we’ll be all okay. That is unless our smartphones decided to either take a dip into the family pool or tumbled halfway down the hiking trail over the festive season and February now frees you up with some cash. What if we told you, we’re making 2020 a little bit easier on the pocket for those of us who just couldn’t avoid smash from happening to their iPhones or iPads with up to 75% off selected iPhone repairs. And with the extra money you’re saving, you get to treat yourself after the harsh-harsh Janu-worry you’ve had.

iPhone 8 Plus Backcover Replacement | R4999 NOW 1249
You saved R3750

Well, well, well. You had the back of your iPhone 8 smashed and immediately you thought about all the Mandelas it was going to take to fix the thing. But with a saving of almost R4000 (not a typo), you’re going to be laughing all the way to the bank weFix outlet near you. What does R3750 get you these days? Well, depending on which time of day you’re flying, you could score two return tickets to any major destination in the country on a low-cost airliner. R3750 should also cover you on some or the entirety of your car installments for the month or a VVIP ringside experience at the upcoming WWE tour of South Africa. Yeah.

iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement | R2599 NOW R899
You saved R1700

Firstly. R899 for a screen replacement on an iPhone 8? Shut the front door. Secondly, R1700 is quite a bit of free cash in hand. Chances are you and your family hit the road in your car plenty of times over the festive season and Janu-worry left you in a bit of a spot when it comes to car maintenance. R1100 could cover a minor service, engine cleaning or replacement battery, and in the perfect world, you may even have some spare change remaining for a full valet car wash.

iPhone X Screen Replacement | R2999 NOW R1949
You saved R1050

Do you know what will go great with the fresh iPhone X screen? A where-did-you-get-that-I-want-one Casetify cover – brand new and exclusive to weFix. Casetify is now a household name when it comes to fashionable smartphone accessories – just ask Kylie – and you can pick one up for your iPhone X here. But guess what – you still have R350 left over. Why not treat yourself to a dope Apple Watch accessory from our good friends at where R350 can get yourself selected Watch straps in numerous colours and designs. Remember to use STYLEFIX at the checkout for an additional 15% off your purchase. Man, we’re just bringing the savings and savings and savings.

No matter what you decide to do with your weFix 2020 Visions savings, it’s always going to be great to know that you’ve got a little spare change in your pocket. The discount train doesn’t stop with just these three aforementioned repair deals, with further deals outlined below. To take advantage of these show-stopping offers, have a looksie here.