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Which power bank do you need?

When people list things they can't leave home without, we tend to hear things like lip gloss, earphones, your ID book and your favourite scarf. But somehow, we're leaving out perhaps the most important item - a good ol' power bank. While cameras, fingerprint scanners and displays have seen an improvement over the years, most smartphone buyers - especially those who upgrade frequently - still yearn for an improvement in batteries. That being said, a power bank is an affordable investment and will keep many of your devices, not just smartphones, powered up for when you really need them.

Romoss Skinny 5000mAh 

Enough juice to get back in the game

The smaller the item, the easier it is to take it on the go which makes the Romoss Skinny 5000mAh power bank our go-to. But it's not just for when your smartphone is at 3% or you're about to upload your third smoothie pic this week – it's actually perfect for your Nintendo Switch or similar mobile-gaming console. While the Switch only offers 3 hours of gameplay on one full charge, you can extend your quest for almost twice as long as the Romoss Skinny fits snug into your Switch carry case. Now that's an extra life!
*Also available in 10000mAh.

Snug Quick Charge 15000mAh 

This works for me

Laptops were designed with the idea that you can walk away from a power source while still being able to work. Sometimes, though, you're going to need to be in that coffee-shop meeting for 5 hours and your laptop may not see the end of it. The Snug Quick Charge comes in a monster 15000mAh variant, which is enough to power up an iPhone thrice over, but will also extend your laptop battery life by up to 100% - so twice as long. While this power bank does not come with any accessories, you will need a specific cable which in turn differs from brand to brand. Type-C laptops – like those from Apple – can simply be connected with the same cable as your smartphone's.
*Also available in 6000mAh and 8000mAh.

Romoss EnCase 7 2800mah

You mean it's built in?!

What if we told you that there was a nifty iPhone 7 cover that looks sleek and doubles up as a power bank? While hyperloops and commercial flying cars are still on Elon Musk's list of things to do, the future is now with the Romoss range of EnCase iPhone 7 covers. Packed with 2800mAh, this actually doubles the lifespan of your iPhone 7 which means you're able to take it in the morning, go out with your friends in the evening, and come with home with juice left to spare.

The number of uses for power banks is limitless. Need your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One controller powered up without wanting to directly connect it to your console: power bank. Desktop fan but no laptop or PC: power bank. Bluetooth speaker sounding mellow: power bank. More importantly, power banks are great for emergencies. In a time where we are always online and can't afford to not be connected, power banks can make a world of difference. weFix has a wide range along with other quality accessories available at weFix outlets nationwide.

There's also just one way to close out this blog – hit it Snap!