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So why buy refurbised?

If the idea of buying a refurbished smartphone or MacBook is something you’ve been considering, then allow us to dispel some of the myths and reassure you that doing so is completely normal. In this day and age where we’re counting the pennies or don’t want to be locked into contracts with villainous service providers, refurbished devices – or i2 as we love to call them – are quickly becoming an attractive offer.

Used is refurbished is used?

Yes and no. Used devices are often cheaper than refurbished ones in that a used device is sold-as-is – right down to the last nick and crack. When you buy a used phone, there’s more risk involved. For example, the device may not work as advertised or may have hidden damages not revealed to the seller. Sure you can deal with a cracked screen – easily repairable by our gold star technicians – but your new-used device might have major underlying issues that may be irreparable. So when you see an ad on Facebook for a Samsung S9 and it’s only going for R4000, it’s probably too good to be true. Refurbished devices, on the other hand, are often tested and re-tested for gremlins, cleaned up real nice with new screens and fittings and then come with brand new warranties. i2 devices from weFix come with a 3-month repair warranty for iPhones and 6-months for MacBooks – if anything goes wrong with the device, we’ll clean it right up.

Save the planet, man.

Now, this is going to blow your mind, but smart devices contain rare precious metals, and the less of them we need to manufacture, we’re helping out the environment a ton. Furthermore, South Africa’s e-waste recycling sector is still quite underdeveloped and education around responsibly disposing of electronics is not all quite there yet either. Keith Anderson, the chairman of the e-Waste Association of South Africa (eWasa), says that “each individual in South Africa generates about 6.2kg of e-waste”. That’s quite a lot for a country where we don’t really know what we’re doing right about our e-waste to begin with. Buying a refurbished device means there’s one less smartphone to dispose of, and that’s a win for the environment.

We don’t need the latest phones, do we?

It’s 2020, and unless you’re looking to get something truly innovative or unique like a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip or Huawei Mate XS, the need to upgrade is becoming rather unnecessary, with big industry names battling to truly innovate and offer value. For example, if you’re still rocking the Samsung S8 or even the iPhone 6S, those are still powerful devices even four years later and they’re still going to make excellent daily drivers. So, if you’re on one of those, you could either pay the R19,000 for a brand new Samsung S8 or iPhone 11 OR you could save a couple thousand and buy a refurbished iPhone 8 – it’s still going to be completely amazing for a fraction of the price.

Refurbished shouldn’t need to be a taboo word – buying one means you’re both saving a boatload of cash and saving the environment as well. Now, on to the cheap plug. weFix has a wide range of i2 devices – pre-loved devices refurbished with a new lease on life – from the good’ ol iPhone 6S to the iPad Air 2 and MacBook Pro. Pre-loved devices are the perfect solution for those who want a quality and genuine smart device restored to full working condition and appearance by credible technicians, at an affordable price, or for those who are conscious about the environment.

These devices come with a 3-month repair warranty for iPhones and 6-months for MacBooks and includes a 7-day return policy And now for the link: SHOP HERE Ta-daaaaaaaaaaa!