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NOT fixing your cracked screen is a bad idea. Here’s why.

You’ve been there before. Your smartphone screen breaks and you spend the better half of a year trying to figure out if it’s worth fixing at all. You can still swipe right on Tinder and you can still scroll through your news feeds about load-shedding or whatever, so why should the state and integrity of your screen actually matter and why do I absolutely need to repair it as soon as I can? Let’s run through some pretty solid reasons.

That hairline crack won’t be a hairline crack forever

This is pretty much true for any crack, whether it’s on a sidewalk, your living room window or your smartphone screen. With every bit of impact your phone takes, that crack gets a little bit bigger and a little more menacing and your smartphone now faces the risk of a fully cracked screen. While your capacitive touch may still be fully functional, can you really navigate your screen when you’re unable to see anything? Not a nice look on your phone, Susan.

Your screen is the Final Frontier

Cheesy Star Trek references aside, your smartphone screen is not just a means to navigate every feature available at your will. It’s also the barrier that protects the inner workings, with the really important this-is-not-covered-by-warranty components right behind it. Cracks in your phone’s screen can allow for moisture and dust to get into those inner workings, and your IP67 or IP68 dust and water resistance rating means diddly-squat from there on out. Even leaving your phone on the kitchen sink where it may be exposed to a significant amount of water, could deem your device Liquid Damaged.

You will get cut

For real though. Wood splinters are one thing. Glass is a whole other beast. Continuously swiping and touching your cracked or shattered screen can leave nasty glass splinters embedded into your fingerprints. Need we go on?  

It just looks like you don't care much

Appearances are important and while fixing your smartphone’s screen may not be high up on your list of things to do, it’s easy to think that people may find a cracked screen off-putting and - as tough as this sounds - may indicate a lack of professionalism on your part. While we can never fully judge people based on what their smartphone looks like, people can and will make judgments based on your outward appearance, it's human nature to do so. A broken screen may indicate you couldn’t be bothered with something so simple. So why would someone trust you with a much bigger task?

So yes, fixing your smartphone screen may not seem like it should be a priority. But it should be. This isn’t limited to screens, but also other components that may create a domino effect of other parts becoming damaged due to the negligence associated in delaying a repair. weFix, with its over 11 years of experience prides itself of being at the top of the industry, repairing Apple, Huawei, Samsung and LG smartphones from a wide network of nationwide stores, offering incredible value and service on leading smartphone models.

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