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The best things to do with your old smartphone

Whether we want to admit it or not, smartphones have lifespans. weFix helps us keep them going and revive them when some damage is done, but eventually you will move on – but here’s how to make the most out of that old phone:

Give it away

Someone is always in need of a new phone, so passing your old device onto someone who needs it more is the best and most productive way to get rid of a phone. Whether it’s your children, a parent, house helper, or a charity – you probably know someone who could use your phone, even if it’s really old and basic.

Recycle it

If your smartphone is broken beyond repair, you should dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner. Take it to one of the many e-waste disposal sites around the country rather than simply chucking it in the bin. This will ensure that as many components are salvaged for reuse as possible and prevent some of the nastier chemicals that go into a phone from ending up in a landfill.

Use it as a hotspot

Don’t have a 3G dongle? If you often need mobile internet access, it can be handy to keep an old smartphone as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. You’ll have internet access wherever you go, without running down the battery on your new, primary smartphone.

Trade it in

Some local stores and networks offer great trade-in deals – offering you a discount on your new device in exchange for old phone. Phone around to find out what options are on offer.

Use it as a music player

You can easily use all your phone’s storage space for music and turn your older device into a dedicated MP3 or music player. You can use it in your car with an AUX cable, or in your home with loudspeaker or docking station. Online radio apps can also turn your phone into a radio for your bedside if you choose to do so.