Celebs and their Favourite Tech

Celebs. Those people we aspire to be – well, at least aspire to be some of them. No matter what you think about Hollywood, they’re an awfully influential bunch of stars who are at the forefront of making a statement when it comes to – not their favourite designer, oh no – but gadgets. Yes, celebs can show their inner nerd and a couple of them have their favourites that they swear by. Well, them and the contract they have with the company they’re punting but that’s an entirely different blog.
Kyle Jenner | Casetify
Say what you want about the Kardashians…

Done? Okay – they’re incredibly influential, either way. Kylie Jenner has made it no secret that she is basically obsessed with the Casetify range of smartphone covers (cheap plug, EXCLUSIVELY available at weFix) and she has many of them, consistently popping up in her stories more than her own sister Kendall does. But it’s not just Kylie. Kasey Musgraves, Gigi Hadid, Taylor Hill, Elsa Hosk, Kourtney Kardashian and some of Tinseltown’s biggest stars are also starting to notice the brand, and it’s not just because it looks amazing – they’re friggin’ tough as well. Casetify calls the special material the covers are made out of qitech™ which has assured your phone will survive a drop from as high as two meters. If that aspect alone doesn’t sell you, then point us in the direction of a smashing looking smartphone cover that can do all the same? Yeah, didn’t think so.
BONUS ROUND: Casetify shows up in Tay-Tay's music video for 'Calm Down', so now we have to stan.
Snoop Dogg | Sony PlayStation 4
If you’re an Xbox fan, you might want to skip ahead to the next celebrity on our list, as we are more than certain a flame war is coming. Snoop Dogg was very vocal about the issues he was having with his Xbox One console, and Sony heard him, hooking the Grammy-winner up with a brand new Sony PlayStation 4 and a copy of his favourite game, Madden NFL. Now the D-O-double-gizzle swears by the brand and hasn’t crossed back over to Microsoft.
Oprah | Beats Powerbeats Pro
If your product ever lands on Oprah’s List of Favourite Things, then you’ve made it and quite frankly nothing else matters. Oprah is a busy woman, so she’s going to need high-quality audio buds for when she is on the go. The Beats Powerbeats offers an astounding 9 hours of battery time, enough to listen to some of her best podcasts and audiobooks. She’s Oprah, come on, and she absolutely swears by them.
Pharrell Williams | Apple
The hitmaking artist was one of Apple’s first major brand ambassadors and has been seen promot—we mean ‘flashing’ his Apple products almost everywhere he goes. Back in 2015, Pharrell – who was a coach on the popular TV reality show The Voice – showed off a $10,000 24K Gold Edition Apple Watch. The best part? The watch wasn’t even available for pre-order yet! In 2019, Pharrell also lead the charge on a brand-new pair of headphones, launched by Apple in conjunction with Beats By Dre.
Celebrities are just like us - well, minus the money and the fame and the fancy houses - and it's clear that they also care greatly about the decisions they make when they make a tech purchase. We're not saying you'll for sure end up like one, but weFix has a wide range of accessories both in-store and online that's sure to make you feel like you've won some kind of award, even if that award is 'Best Shopper at weFix'.