Renewed Electronics that Slay

Electronic waste is the fastest‑growing solid‑waste stream,
beating out fast fashion.
E‑waste, or electronic waste, is surging. Each year the world creates 5,683 Eiffel Towers of e‑waste, which is enough to cover all of Manhattan.
Source: World Economic Forum, 2021

It's also the most toxic solid waste stream.

Electronic devices are hardcore metal.
We mean literally loaded with heavy metals. 
309kg of raw materials need to be dug up to produce a single smartphone. According to the *WHO  Initiative on E-waste and child health 2021, concentrated levels of lead and mercury in e‑waste have devastating effects on humans, including respiratory disease, reduced cognitive abilities, and still or premature births.
We need to stop thinking that new is better. It’s not.
Whenever we buy new tech, we’re supporting the linear economy, one where raw materials are mined to make electronics that are purposefully destined to end up in a landfill after one use.
In a circular economy, tech is made to be reused as long as possible. If we want to extend the life of our natural resources, we also need to extend the lives of our electronics — of all our things.
Fight planned obsolescence and keep metal alive…by keeping it in circulation.
Buy renewed electronics that Slay.