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From i to we

The letter i is a perfectly good letter. There are some i-words that have served us very well. We’ve built our business on words like innovation, integrity and insight. We’ve grown by being inspired, idealistic and intrepid. We’ve enabled interaction, celebrated ingenuity and achieved the almost-impossible.

We really have nothing against i.

“iFix was the obvious name when I started out in my dorm room a decade ago,” says Alex Fourie, founder and CEO of iFix. “I fixed things. Mostly i-things.” Since then the company has grown in every possible way, offering more options, selling more products and partnering with more companies. From a handful of stores in Cape Town a few years ago, there are now 30 outlets across the country and more in the pipeline. We have more than 300 employees and more than half-a-million happy customers. In addition to our Apple repair expertise, we are in-warranty repairers for Huawei, LG and Samsung (on selected devices).

We developed new products, like the warm and woody range of Houdt mobile accessories and headphones, the result of a warm and fuzzy collaboration with local designers. We also welcomed a new addition to the fixing family: RiCharge did us proud by swiftly becoming Africa’s leading manufacturer and supplier of mobile charging solutions.

Because of our earth-loving ways, we believe in second chances. So we started a Lazarus project for smartphones called i2. We’ve now rescued a legion of pre-loved handsets from languishing in landfill, offering our customers a lower outlay of conscience and cash. And now, we’re even taking to the skies as a distributor for DJI, the market leader in drones and aerial photography systems.

A peek inside our redesigned flagship Buitensingel store

So the ‘i’ in iFix started to feel a bit small. “When there’s a lot of goodwill attached to a brand, you think long and hard before you change it,” says Alex. “But, like the technology we work on, we need to constantly evolve and reinvent ourselves. Our name should reflect that.” weFix was the obvious choice. It reflects our inclusive company culture, and tips its hat to the skills and commitment of our team members. It gives us a unique identity, showing how far we’ve come since the days of repairing iPods in dorm rooms.
And it still makes it quite clear what we’re all about. We fix things, and we love it. Because every time we fix a problem, the world gets a little bit better.

Welcome to weFix.

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