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Highlights from Apple at WWDC

Earlier this week, Apple made a bunch of announcements relating to its platforms for Mac, iOS, watch, and TV at the Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco.

Here’s what to expect on your devices and gadgets.

iOS 10

The next major update on your mobile devices will be iOS 10, with a new lockscreen, and “raise to wake” feature. You will also be able to reply to notifications from the lockscreen, via 3D Touch (currently only supported on the 6S and 6S Plus). Siri is now open to developers so look out for third-party app support, which should be interesting. Apple Music has also gotten a revamp, as expected, so look out for something a bit less complicated than before. iMessage is also getting a bunch of new features like stickers, invisible ink, animations, supersized emojis, and the ability to “emojify” words (tap it and its turns into an emoji). Apple’s native apps will also get an update, like Maps, Photos, and Phone (you will get voicemail transcriptions).


Apple’s desktop operating system, OS X, has been renamed to macOS, and the newest release will be called Sierra – much better than the previous El Capitan. It will have continuity features across your devices, like the ability to unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch nearby; and Universal Clipboard that lets you copy and paste between iPhone and Macbook (because let’s face it, how often did AirDrop actually work?); and iCloud Drive will aid in freeing up space on your hard drive. Siri will also makes its way to the Macbook; you will have picture-in-picture mode; and infinite tabs.

Oh, Apple will finally support Siri officially in South Africa (and Ireland) with the new updates!

watchOS 3

Apple claims the watchOS 3 update will make app load speeds up to seven times faster; includes a new control centre like iOS; and a new dock feature. A new way to reply to messages on the watch is “Scribble” which supports English and Chinese – you just scribble and it types it up. There’s also a new health app called Breath, and new watch faces to choose from.


If you have an Apple TV 4th-generation that was released last year, you’ll be pleased to know the remote will be available as an app for iPhone, definitely helps with text input. A single sign-on mode means you log into everything once, and not all the time like you would currently (this feature is also coming to iOS). It will also support Live Tune-In, live streaming from supported networks. tvOS now has over 6000 apps and 1300 channels.

Expect all these free updates to roll out by September this year. Are you excited?