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Important Details

The voucher is valid from the 1st December 2023 until the 1st December 2024 - One Year.

The vouchers will be sold online only from the 10th November 2023 until midnight on the 30th November 2023.

You will receive an email after you have paid with your order confirmation. This order number # will serve as your voucher.

The voucher can only be redeemed in-store from the 1st December 2023.

Back Glass Replacement vouchers cover the back glass only and do not include a complete backcover replacement. Should your device need a new backcover, you will be quoted on this and the voucher value paid can be used towards this.

The voucher cannot be exchanged for cash.Only one voucher may be used per device repair.

There are no refunds, unless your device is deemed irreparable.

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