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Tech Tuesday Roundup – cameras, puddles, and virtual reality

We’re now setting into 2016 and it’s looking to be a colossal year for the tech world, but before we continue to look ahead, let’s wrap up the last week’s big news: Sorcery! – The latest version of Tesla’s software actually allows drivers to get out of the car and let the Model S do all of the work, driving itself with just a tap of the key’s “summon” button. Read more here Third time’s the charm – After failing to land its Falcon 9 rocket at sea twice last year, Elon Musk’s SpaceX is hoping will attempt to land its vehicle on a floating barge after it blasts off next week, 17 January. Read more here The real me – Peach, the new social network from the creator of Vine, is quickly being taken over by people using celebrity names like Taylor Swift, Tila Tequilla, The Rock and Tim Cook. Read more here Thanks for nothing – Microsoft has announced that it will be killing off Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 next week. Read more here Crash test – As a “mood test”, Facebook intentionally crashed its app to test user loyalty and post-crash behaviour. Read more here The price of the future – Pre-orders for the wildly anticipated VR headset, the Oculus Rift, opened up on Wednesday last week, pricing the device at $600. Read more here Shallow entertainment – A puddle in the north of England became an Internet star on Wednesday after around half a million people, including Twitter boss Jack Dorsey, hit live-streaming app Periscope to watch it. Read more here Nowhere to hide – The Yezz Sfera was unveiled, which is an impressive device that has the first 360-degree camera put into a smartphone, capturing VR-style immersive video and stills on the move. It’s revolutionary enough that it may change the way we take photos and video using a smartphone. Read more here In the action – To ensure that users really feel like they’re a part of the game they’re playing or the movie they’re watching, a new device called Immersit place the attention towards your seat, providing some movement to tie up with the content. Read more here