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Tuesday Tech Roundup – iPhone 6C rumours, WhatsApp voice calls, and a Game Boy gun?

​We know you had a busy week. You probably missed out on some of the biggest tech news out there across the interwebz, but don’t panic just yet, we got you covered. iPhone 6C on the horizon? Apple is reportedly planning to launch three iPhones in 2015, one of which is said to be an iPhone 5C successor. The iPhone 6C will apparently be plastic-coated and measure in at 4-inches. Read the full story here. Instagram beefs up its game – Layout from Instagram was launched this week, as a new app to build photo collages. Using up to nine photos in total, users can be put together collages with one of ten different layouts depending on how many photos are used. Read the full story here. WhatsApp voice calls coming to iPhone – Apple iPhone users will be able to make free phone calls using WhatsApp in a “couple of weeks”, according to the popular messaging app company. This past week was the first time WhatsApp officially confirmed the existence of the feature, which has been available on Android since the start of the month. Read the full story here. Pebble begins counting the money – Pebble has concluded the largest Kickstarter campaign in the history of the crowdsourcing site. The Pebble Time project collected $20.3 million in donations. This suggests that the smartwatch market is alive and well, and not just because of Apple Watch. Read the full story here. New Apple TV incoming – Apple is expected to unveil a fourth-generation Apple TV in June. Unlike previous versions, Apple TV 4.0 is expected to feature a TV video streaming service as an alternate to a TV package. Read the full story here. Twitter launches Periscope – Twitter has launched a new app which broadcasts live video from your iPhone. The app – called Periscope – appeared in the Apple App store earlier this morning and promises users the opportunity to “explore the world through someone else’s eyes”. OK… Read the full story here. Instagram on your Mac – A new uploader app descriptively called Uploader for Instagram lets you upload images using a newly-designed desktop interface to the mobile-only photo editing app. Oh yeah, it was created by a 12th grade student. Read the full story here. A shot of gaming nostalgia – Mario 64, one of the greatest 3D platformers of all time, is an elusive title to get hold of, but someone has managed to use an emulator to get the Nintendo 64 gem running in a browser window, letting you play anytime, anywhere. Read the full story here. Tidal gets a price-drop – Tidal, the new international streaming service now available in SA, has cut its prices by 50%, giving you a lot more bang for your buck when streaming lossless audio. Read the full story here. The Game Boy camera gun is a thing – If you had a spare Game Boy Camera and the printer to match, what would you do with them? If you’re media artist Dmitry Morozov, you’d make a one-of-a-kind firearm. His GBG–8 gun uses Nintendo’s photographic peripherals and an Arduino board to shoot photos (almost literally) and print them on the spot – effectively, it’s a low-resolution Polaroid cam with a trigger. Read the full story here.


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