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Excellent service. Got a new screen the same morning I took it in. My charging port was also struggling, but instead of just replacing it they cleaned it up, saving me a lot of money. The whole process was easy!

Jan Dirk van der Walt, weFix Cape Town

Great shop with low prices. They do a damage assessment within an hour.

Jacques Fourie, weFix Canal Walk

My iPhone’s back camera stopped working after I had dropped it. Got a quick quote just by calling the info-desk. After 30 minites I had my phone back and the camera is working better than before. Thank you for the quick and friendly service.

Jane Joubert, weFix Cresta

Excellent, I got my iPhone 6 screen replaced in an hour. Thanks guys, much appreciated. As for the staff, BIG UP to you guys for your customer service. 

Thato Manzini, weFix Woodmead

Great service. Friendly reception. Love the fact that their update you on the progress of your device!

Angelin Appels, weFix George

Very quick screen replacement (3-4 hours) on my Samsung, and a grand less than what I was quoted elsewhere. Very friendly and professional staff.

Chris Munro, weFix Cape Town
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