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weSwitch Trade-In

How does your weSwitch trade-in programme work?

We’ve made it super easy, getting cash in your account in 3 simple steps:


1. Know your worth


Just answer a few questions about your device, either via our online portal or download our trade-in app.

Our app will run an assessment on your device and give you a more accurate valuation - plus it's really cool and really fun - we can't help but love techy things ;)


We’ll provide an estimated trade-in quote that you’ll accept or deny. If you give the go ahead, you’ll complete the order with your details.


2. Time for your device to hit the road


A courier will collect your device at no charge to you.

Once received at our assessment facility, our techs will complete an inspection on your device and verify its condition.


3. Make that Moolah


If everything checks out, we’ll pay you via EFT or issue a weFix voucher (you'll select your preference).

If the condition doesn’t match what you described, we’ll send you a new trade-in value via email.

Life’s all about choices and you’ll have the option to either accept or reject the revised offer.

If rejected, we’ll send your device back to you at no charge.


No matter what, we won't leave you hanging. We’ll send you email updates about the progress of your trade-in, so you’ll know what’s happening at every step.


Why should I use weSwitch by weFix?

      1. We offer you a safe and convenient way to sell your old phone or tablet for the best price in the industry at no cost to you.

      1. We will collect your device, assess it and if you don't like the numbers we will send your device straight back to you at no cost - hassle free - why? Because #WeMakeItBetter

    1. Make it rain - We will pay you via EFT

How do I find the IMEI on my device?

Tech Tip 101: Press *#06# on your device's dial pad to get the IMEI number.


How do I prepare my device for trade-in?

1. Back up your data - Your device will undergo a factory reset during the assessment and all of your data will be wiped

- this is an essential security measure to protect your data.


2. Undress your tech: Remove your sim card, cover and any accessories you want to keep.


3. Sign out of FMiP (Find my iPhone) or Google activation - We will not be able to purchase your device with this still activated.


4. Wrap it up: Package your device securely and ensure you wrap it in bubble wrap & seal it in a cardboard box. The original box is best but any cardboard box will protect your device.


How long does the trade-in process take?

Generally, it takes about 5 working days from the time the device arrives at our grading facility. The sooner you send us your device, the sooner we can verify its condition and process your payment. Time is money.

What do I need to send in with my device?

Your device is good enough for us, we don't require any additional accessories or packaging from you.

The Technicalities

Will you accept my device if it's stolen or counterfeit?

We're not about that life. If your device is discovered to be stolen or a counterfeit, no payments will be processed or paid out. The device can be sent back to you at your own cost. Should we not receive payment for the courier collection of your device or should you not collect your device within 7 days, we will send the device for e-waste.


Cosmetic Condition Explained

Like new: Like new or "near mint" condition.

If there is any damage, it is minor and confined to signs of every-day wear


Lightly used: There may be some light cosmetic damage on the case, such as scratches and scuff marks


More aggressive wear & tear: There are signs of heavy wear on the case. No one will mistake it for a new iPhone.


Heavy cosmetic damage – Cracks, dents, bends & deep deep scratches.

Can I send in more than one device?

You will need to place a separate order for each device you are wanting to sell.

Do you pay anything extra for additional batteries, cases or covers?

We won't pay anything extra for additional batteries, or any accessories. If you're not sure what to do with these, send them through so that we can safely dispose of them for you via our e-waste channels.

Do you purchase iCloud / Google locked devices?

The iCloud / Google activation lock is used to stop anyone from using or activating a device that’s been lost or stolen. We therefore will not purchase iCloud / Google locked devices unless they can be unlocked by the account holder.


If they cannot be unlocked, we can only offer to recycle them through our e-waste channels and keep them out of the landfills.

If you are unsure on how to unlock your phone from iCloud please visit this link

My device is not listed on your website

If you have a newly released phone we may have not added your device to our website yet, feel free to send us an email on and we can look into adding it.

Older devices no longer have value in the second-hand device market, if your old device is not listed on our website we are no longer buying it. It is best to recycle these to avoid them damaging the planet..

Your Order

How do I check the status of my apparatus?

After your first order with weFix, an account will be created automatically for you.

You're required to use your registered email address while logging in and verify it by entering the secret code sent to you.

Once logged in you will be able to see a list of orders you have placed with the current status of each order.

To track the collection or delivery of your device, use your unique waybill number and click here


Can I cancel a trade-in order?

If the courier hasn't yet collected your device, you can cancel your order by simply keeping your device and informing us of your cancelation request. Please send this through to and include your order number as a reference.


If your device has already been collected by the courier, the trade-in cannot be canceled. If you receive a revised trade-in value after the inspection of your device, you can then choose to reject it.

How do I pack my device in readiness for the courier?

Please package your device in bubble wrap or protective wrapping and then package it securely in a box to avoid any damage in transit. If you have the original box it came in, this is always best for protection

Please print the attached shipping label and hand it to the driver when they collect your package.


Things to remember:

  • Backup your data - Your device will be wiped when we receive it.
  • Remove your sim card
  • Remove your memory card
  • Restore device to factory settings and log out of your accounts
  • Turn off Find My iPhone (FMIP) – How to turn it off?
  • Remove any other PIN and pattern lock from your phone

How quickly should I send it to you?

Keep in mind that the estimated trade-in value is valid for 7 days, and we encourage you to send the device to us within this time frame to ensure that you get the offered value.

How am I #MakingItBetter for the environment?

Cash is great but there's another green incentive in trading in your device. MJ said it best through his lyrics to ‘heal the world & make it a better place’ - and #MakeItBetter we must!

At weFix we strive to keep the chemicals contained in smart devices and out of the oceans, leaving a greener planet by fixing your used device & finding it a loving new home. If we can't fix it, we will at least dispose of it through the relevant & responsible e-waste channels. It really is Win-Win. You get cash for your old phones and help the environment!

So whether you want to upcycle, recycle or just bank some extra bucks.

We're here to ….. TBC



We would love to hear from you - send us an email to and we will gladly assist.