weSwitch Terms & Conditions




Thank you for participating in the weSwitch by weFix trade-in program.


By sending your device - you are accepting the Terms & Conditions outlined below.

As a seller, I agree to the following Terms & Conditions:


1. Where possible, weFix will reset any of the devices received to the factory default and erase all content and settings, however if the state of the device is irrecoverable, a reset may not be performed, and in these instances it is the seller’s responsibility to secure the data on the device.


2. By sending your Device to us, you agree to release us from all claims, losses or damages with respect to the SIM, Data or Device. We accept no responsibility in relation to the security, protection, confidentiality or use of such Data, the SIM or external memory cards.


3. I hereby declare that I am the sole and rightful owner of this device being sold to weFix and that I am 18 years or older. If any device that I trade in turn out to be lost or stolen, I will waive my right to be paid.


4. The condition and model number of the device that I have declared to weFix is accurate.


5. weFix is not liable for items that may be lost or damaged during transit.


6. Device Evaluation: Once weFix receives the device it will be assessed based on the conditions including, but not limited to, those listed on weFix website.


7. Any stolen, blocked, counterfeit or fake devices sent to weFix will be reported to the police. This will void our offer and no payment will be made. The device can be returned to the client at their own expense. If no collection or payment for courier is received within 7 days, the device will be processed through e-waste.


8. In the event that the Traded-in Product is found to be stolen, or subject to reservation of ownership by finance institution or any other instance where you are not the unencumbered owner of the Trade-in Product, weFix has the right to demand immediate refund for the full trade-in value of the Trade-in Product plus interest. You hereby indemnify and hold weFix harmless against any loss or damages that the weFix may suffer as a result of weFix reliance on false information relating to the Trade-in Product including but not limited to the lawful owner of the Trade-in product


9. weFix has the right to reject any device that is not in the condition as described at the time of trade-in. I understand that I may be offered a lesser value and have the option to accept or reject the updated offer.


10. I understand that if the device is found to have liquid damage or physical damage, it may be subject to a revised offer which I will have the choice to accept and should I reject the revised offer, the device will be sent back to me at my own cost.


11. I understand and agree that all data stored on the device will be deleted and will be irrecoverable. We suggest you back-up your data before sending the device to weFix.


12. weFix must "receive" the device within 7 days from the trade-in offer otherwise they have the right to offer a lesser amount – which I will have the opportunity to either accept or reject.


13. All device pricing is inclusive of VAT.


14. I will ensure that all payment related information is correct. weFix does not validate the details provided and cannot guarantee the receiving bank validates the details for the payment instruction. Any error in these payment details may result in a loss of funds. To the extent permitted by law, weFix is not liable for loss arising from any error in instructions given by an authorised seller.


15. I acknowledge and agree that all personal identifiable information provided to weFix in connection with the trade-in program is governed by the privacy policy available on their website, which may be updated from time to time.


16. Any such items that are sent with the device such as charger(s), external covers, usb devices, micro-usb cards and sim cards will be either recycled or disposed of. Any such items will not be returned in the case that the final assessment is rejected for any reason.


17. weFix has the right to reject the initial online trade in offer if the device has found to have missing/after market parts and/or has been tampered with by an unauthorised repair agent. This includes the unauthorised software upgrades also known as “jailbroken” for Apple iPhones and “rooted” for Android phones.


18. If there are any issues with your device weFix will contact you via email to make a revised offer. If we receive no response within 7 days of making the revised-offer, we will proceed with payment for the revised price.


19. weFix will send back any iCloud locked devices after 7 days after we have sent an email out to unlock the device from the iCloud account. Such orders will not be payable and the courier cost will be for your account.


20. If I send my device into weFix without making an order to sell it on the website ("sell order") weFix will attempt to contact me via a letter/mobile number if they do not have any other details. Upon receiving such device(s) that do not have any "sell order(s)" associated with the device I will be contacted after 2 weeks of receiving it. After initial contact is made - if there is no response weFix will process the device. After such time I waive any rights to request the device back, and weFix will have the right to offer at the time of contact the "current website price" of the device.


21. Trade-in Vouchers are valid for 1 year after it has been issued to you or any other longer period as may be stipulated on the Trade-in Voucher. If the Trade-in Voucher has not been used within the stipulated period, it will expire. The Trade-in Vouchers do not accrue interest and cannot be exchanged for cash once issued. weFix is not responsible for any harm due to the loss, unauthorised use or unauthorised distribution of a Trade-in Voucher, after it has been issued to you.





Please note that this privacy statement only applies to you if you purchase or sell a product to & from weFix .

At weFix, we take your privacy and security very seriously. We want you to feel confident when using our services, which is why we’re open about how we use your data and take all appropriate steps to secure it. You’ll find all the details you need in this Privacy Policy, but please don’t hesitate to contact weswitch@wefix.co.za if you have any privacy related questions.


The Key Points


- We only use your data for the purposes set out in this policy.

- We take all appropriate steps to protect your data.

- We will never sell your data to a third party.

- Whenever you have given us your consent to use your personal data (e.g. so we can send you special offers or news about our products and services that we think would be of interest to you), you can withdraw consent at any time.

- If we don’t need your data anymore, we will either anonymise it (e.g. retain your data to help us assess how people use us so that we can improve our services but make sure that you can no longer be identified from that information) or we will securely delete it.


The Policy


When you are using our weFix website and services, the data controller is weFix (Pty) Ltd., a company registered in South Africa under company registration number 2018/461562/07.

This Privacy Statement explains how weFix processes and uses information about you. This Privacy Statement applies only to information we process in order to facilitate your purchase and sale of products bought and sold by us on the weFix South Africa website, featured on www.wefix.co.za). The Site is owned and operated by weFix, a South African company. This Privacy Statement was adopted as of the Effective Date above, and may be amended from time to time. In the event of a material change, we may notify you of such changes.


1. Personal data collected
weFix is the data owner in respect of your personal data that is necessary to provide you with the products you purchased from us on the Site. This includes information such as your name and delivery address. weFix directly processes your data in accordance with the international practices it employs across its business relating to the protection and processing of personal information.
Please note that weFix is the data owner in respect of all information you provide or is made available about you when you interact with the Site. This includes, for example, information necessary to create a weFix account or to subscribe to email marketing. Your customer relationship is with weFix, which processes your personal data in accordance with Applicable Privacy Practices and its Privacy Statement.


2. When and Why weFix Discloses Information:
We are not in the business of selling or renting personal data. When we process your personal data for the purposes set out above, we may pass or share your personal data with third parties, as may be necessary from time to time:

2.1 With affiliated and unaffiliated technical and organisational service providers relevant to our business.

2.2 To third parties to report or collect on debts owed to us or our suppliers or other business partners.

2.3 To third parties in order for us to perform contractual obligations toward you, combat fraud or criminal activity, or as part of legal proceedings affecting us.


3. To law enforcement officers or other government officials, to comply with legal orders and government requests, or as needed to support auditing, compliance, and corporate governance functions.

Please note that it is likely some recipients of your data may be located outside of South Africa, in countries with an inadequate level of data protection. You recognise and understand that when you purchase a product, we may pass your personal information to a service provider or business partner who supports delivery of your product to you and that this service provider or business partner may be located (or process your personal data) outside of South Africa.


4. Security of Personal Data
We process data mainly in electronic form in line with the Applicable Privacy Practices security requirements; weFix has implemented an information security program that contains administrative, technical and physical controls that are designed to reasonably safeguard your personal data, including industry-standard encryption technology.


5. Retention of Personal Data and your rights in relation to Personal Data
We will retain your personal data for as long as necessary to perform our contractual obligations to you and as required by applicable law. Should you wish to know more about the personal data we have about you, you can exercise your rights of access at any time. Should you wish to do so, please email us at weswitch@wefix.co.za. Please note that while we are ready to assist you, we cannot always delete records of past interactions and transactions. For example, we are required to retain records relating to previous purchases for financial reporting and compliance reasons.