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Repairs & Turnaround Times


Common iPhone repairs (screens and batteries) can be repaired in-store same day. For uncommon iPhone repairs these may take 3-5 working days as we may need to move parts around between our stores. To ensure the quickest turn around time, make sure you read through how to "best prepare for your repair".


For less common repairs we would recommend that you speak directly with a customer representative or store representative to check on the availability of stock before going to a store or booking in a Collect & Deliver.



Due to the extensive range of Samsung models, these can take between 5-10 working days and are dependent on the availability of stock from our supplier.


We are currently experiencing a restricted supply of stock from our suppliers under the COVID-19 regulations.

Due to this we cannot guarantee the repair of your device and it will be dependent on the availability of parts.

These regulations are changing daily and we will be able to update you as soon as supply becomes available.


We recommend that you first discuss your device fault with a customer service representative or store representative to ensure that stock is available. Enquire now by emailing hello@wefix.co.za and one of our customer service agents will be happy to assist you.


How do I know if I need a battery replacement?

If you're having to recharge your battery every few hours, even when usage is low, it might be time for a new battery.
If your phone unexpectedly dies when the battery is 10% or higher, this could be a sign of a battery worth replacing.
If your iPhone only works plugged it, you guessed it – replace the battery.

How long will my battery replacement take?

Your battery replacement should take roughly 1 hour depending on where your device is in the repair queue.
We prefer to assess the device for longer to ensure that it is a battery fault and not a component failing on your mainboard, therefore we recommend that you leave your phone for 24 hours as this is the only way we can fully assess the battery fault and test the new battery.
Why? Because we will need to charge your battery to 100% and then run it down to 10% and monitor the time it takes to recharge. (This may take a couple of hours)
Don't worry though - if your in a hurry we will do the repair same day and for any issues you experience, your repair carries a 6 month warranty and you can simply bring it back to us to run the full test.


Liquid damage affects electronic components in an unpredictable manner. The extent of damage depends on the length of time the components were exposed to liquid and whether the device had electric current passed through it after being exposed to liquid. The result is, that a device which has been exposed to liquid may display no signs of malfunction, or intermittent signs of malfunction or permanent signs of malfunction. These signs might present immediately or at a future time, and may present in different ways, for example no audio or no power. These faults are not exclusive and devices can be affected in various ways, and present different faults at different points in time. This is called the “progressive” nature of liquid on electronics, which means, we do not know exactly where the liquid was in contact and to what extent various components are affected: in summary liquid damage is UNPREDICTABLE.


Because of this unpredictability, the most reliable way to repair electronic components which have been exposed to liquid, is to replace. If components which are exposed to liquid are not replaced, the risk is that the electronic device may behave in an unpredictable manner and may or may not present same or different symptoms from the original fault, within varying time frames, anywhere from minutes to months after the repair is undertaken. This is NOT because of the repair quality, but because of the unpredictable nature of liquid damage which has affected the components.


The above mentioned facts should be taken into consideration when deciding to undertake repairs to correct liquid damage on an electronic device. The repair can only be considered to be “foolproof” if all internal components are replaced. As such we offer a 1 month warranty on only the parts replaced in a liquid damage repair.


Our Liquid Damage assessments are charged at R249.

Warranty & Parts

Does my repair come with a warranty?

Yes indeed! We offer the following warranties on our repairs:
Apple iPhone screen replacement: 1 year warranty

Apple iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac Batteries: 6 month warranty

All other Apple Repairs: 3 month warranty

All Huawei Repairs: 3 month warranty
All Samsung Repairs: 3 month warranty
Please familiarize yourself with our repair terms and conditions. Click here to view more information.

What voids my weFix repair warranty?

Good thing you asked! The below highlight the main points but please familiarize your self with our t&c's for further information.
1) Any form of physical damage - When we repair your device we take pictures before the repair and after the repair.
Should you drop your phone, scratch the screen or if there is any sign of malicious / physical damage to your device after your repair, your warranty will be voided.
2) Third party repairers - Should you take your device to another repair service provider and they open or repair your device, your weFix warranty will be voided.
Why? This is standard across all repair service providers as we cannot guarantee the workmanship of another repairer has not interfered with our repair.
3) Liquid damage - yip that swim you took may have long lasting effects
Any device that is brought to us with liquid damage to be repaired cannot carry a weFix warranty.
Why? Liquid + smart devices simply don't run in the same social circles.
Its called latent damage. Liquid causes erosion which can happen quickly or over a period of time. This can result in issues you may experience with your device at any stage.
Devices that are liquid damaged after your weFix repair will also void your warranty for the very same reason.

If I repair with weFix will this void my Manufacturer’s warranty on my device?

Like most third-party repair services, the use of our service can void your manufacturer’s warranty.
The good news is we provide our own warranty for all our repairs which is much longer than any of the manufacturers:
If your device is still under the manufacturers warranty, we recommend you take it to them before repairing your device.

Is weFix an Apple authorised service provider?

weFix is an alternative repair service provider to Apple and it's subsidiary suppliers. We are not Apple Authorized. We are an express service that utilizes the highest quality parts that are quality controlled and offer our own repair warranties.

Do you use original apple parts?

Although we are an alternative repair service provider to Apple, we use the best available compatible parts.
We have been servicing Apple repairs since 2006, we were there for you when Apple wasn't and with the most experience in SA, we have secured high quality suppliers and are confident in the parts we use. Our parts are QC tested to ensure durability and safety and we offer our own warranty on all Apple repairs.

Is weFix a Samsung authorised service provider?

Yes we are an authorized repair service provider for Samsung and all of our Samsung parts are OEM (Original Manufacturer Parts). Our Samsung repairs carry the manufacturer warranty of 3 months.

General questions

What will my repair cost?

For iPhone Repair estimates click here
For iPad Repair estimates click here
For Apple Watch Repair estimates click here
For Samsung Repair estimates click here

How Do I Prepare for my upcoming repair?

  • Whilst your device is in safe hands with us, it is always recommended that you do the following so that we can ensure the best service to you.
    Please back up your data - we cannot guarantee that a factory reset can be avoided after a repair and therefore it is advisable to back up your data.
    Ensure you sign out of "Find my iPhone" - This is always an advised safety precaution which ensures the protection and safety of your data.
    This will also assist in the speed of your repair should a factory reset need to be conducted.
    Remove your password or pin, or advise the customer service agent of your password. This will assist in speeding up the quality check of your device after the repair.

Why does weFix ask for my PIN or Passcode before repair?

Providing your pin / password before the repair is completely up to you! it is not a condition for a repair to take place.
We advise everyone to provide this information as our technicians need to verify that the device is in full working order before you collect it.
They undergo a series of tests that include touch sensitivity and camera. At no time they would access your personal information or intrude on your privacy.
If you are not comfortable with this, you are able to enter your code upon collection but it may mean you need to wait while they run the Quality Checks before handing over your device.

How will I know when my repair has been completed?

We will let you know when your device is ready for collection via SMS or Email.
We will capture your contact details when booking in your device and you will need to provide an email address or alternative cell number to be able to receive the status updates for your repair.
There is no need to call the store to find out about your device - our messages contain a hyperlink where you can check your repair status, and our message via SMS and email will keep you up to date.

The store is not answering their phone - HOW CAN I GET HOLD OF YOU?

Our stores may not be able to answer their phones because they are focusing on fixing yours :)

We do experience high call volumes, for a faster answer to your query, email hello@wefix.co.za and one of our customer service agents would be happy to assist you.


How long do I have to collect my device?

You must collect your device within 90 days from the date of repair. If you don’t collect your device on time, we may sell it for parts to recover our expenses.

How do I pay for my repair?

We have various options available to you:
1) You can pay via cash or card in-store when you collect your device. We accept all major credit cards. We do not accept American Express or Diners Club cards.


2) You can pay via the payfast link sent to you in your awaiting collection email.


3) You can pay via EFT Bank transfer. Please note that the device can only be released when the payment is reflecting in our bank account. Due to certain bank delays on this we recommend using Ozow above :)



We would love to hear from you - send us an email to hello@wefix.co.za and we will gladly assist.