Prepare for your repair

Whilst your device is in safe hands with us, it is always recommended that you do the following so that we can ensure the best service to you.

Back up your Data

We cannot guarantee that a factory reset

can be avoided after a repair and therefore it is advisable to back up your data.


Turn off Find my iPhone

This is always an advised safety precaution which ensures the protection and safety of your data. This will also assist in the speed of your repair should a factory reset need to be conducted.

Remove your passcode

Remove your password or pin, or advise the customer service agent of your passcode. A technician is not able to test the quality of the repair without testing the functionality of your phone after your repair. To do this they will require your passcode. It is your right to not hand over this information but it must be noted a quality check cannot be done without it and will then only be done once you come to collect your device and enter in your passcode.


Package your device securely

When making use of our Collect & Deliver service,

please ensure you wrap your device in bubble wrap and

seal it in a cardboard box.

The original device box is best, but any cardboard box will protect your device.

We cannot take responsibility if your device is damaged in transit.


Contact us on for any queries or questions you may have :)