You shouldn’t have to choose between

what works and what’s good for you...

What weBelieve

From humble beginnings, we are more than just repairers, we're a movement.

We believe in accountability, in empowering people to do whatever it takes to deliver on their promises…. And we refuse to become slaves to corporate systems and procedures. We believe in opportunity and entrepreneurship, and in promoting people from within.

We believe in sustainable living, in planting trees and encouraging our clients to repair rather than replace.

We believe in growth and getting things done. Like the technology we work on, we’re constantly evolving and reinventing ourselves.

We believe in the rich possibilities of this era in which anyone with curiosity and potential has innate possibilities for growth and self advancement.

We believe in the power and warmth of real human interaction, because after all, we’re humans and not machines. Most of all, we believe in freedom and we believe in you.

Thats why through our weSwitch Trade-In programme,

we give you the freedom to choose,

the freedom to change & the freedom to switch.

So whether you want to up-cycle, recycle or just bank some extra bucks,

we put the freedom in your hands, the power in your pocket & a sustainable planet at your feet.

'Waste isn't waste until we waste it'


Conscious Uncoupling

It's time to say goodbye to your old, used or broken device.

Letting go can be hard, we know.

We're here to make it easier by giving you the most value for your

new, old, used or broken device and enabling your

once loved device to get upgraded, reclaimed, polished and find a new home.

Its as simple as 1 -2 -3, we'll even collect it from you for free.


The Circular Economy

We would rather create than consume & we're all for ethical consumerism.

By harnessing the power of the circular economy,

you're helping reduce waste and allowing others access to

great technology without the hefty price tag.

It's better for the wallet and it's better for the planet

Conscious Consumption


Giving you the freedom to choose, the freedom to change and the freedom to switch.




A hassle free experience & really great prices.

The choice is yours - Answer a few questions online or use our weSwitch App to test the key components of a device yourself.

You'll receive a real-time valuation that you can accept or reject.




Concerned about data on your old device?

We are too.

We use state of the art data wiping software that has been tested & approved giving you peace of mind.





We believe one of the best things we can do for the planet is keep our stuff in use for longer. By selling your old device, you get more than just a quick buck. You're harnessing the power of the circular economy and in our opinion that's pretty cool.


Don't just take our word for it

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